Folks… lets bring back the Micro Fiction again… this time with few changes just to make things interesting.

For those who are not aware of the concept of Micro Fiction, here is a recap for you people.

The basic idea behind Micro Fiction is to channelize those few stray thoughts that keep buzzing around in our heads and give it a shape of a very small story. Just to encourage people to come up with their own stories, I decided to initiate this and invite people to contribute their own Micro Fiction to my blog. In its first stint Micro Fiction was “Open-Themed”. This time in order to make things bit interesting, we have decided to keep it thematic. Every week a theme would be chosen which would be given out with the collection of the previous week.

So here it goes…

The Basic Rules 

  1. Keep it Micro (The moderators reserve the right to send back any contribution if they think it is too big for the standards of “Micro Fiction”.)
  2. Stick to the Theme of the Week
  3. Title it please.
  4. It can be in Hindi or English.
  5. Mention your full name, Blog Address (if any), Twitter handle (if any)
  6. You can contribute more than one.
  7. No poems or non fiction pieces please. It should be a STORY.
  8. You can definitely post the same on your blog.
  9. Plagiarism is frowned upon.
  10. If you think you cannot write, its your misconception.
  11. Imagination and creative thinking comes first, language and grammar is secondary (Moderators will help you on this behalf)
  12. Give it a Try… mebbe…

You can send in your contributions to on or before the day mentioned as last date for submission.

Please make a note that this is no contest or competition. Every person participating in this initiative are equal contributory to this effort and to maintain this idea we call your participation as “contribution” and not “entries”.

The theme for the coming week is 


Please make sure that you send in your contributions by 12th July 2013 i.e. next Friday.

Looking forward to your contributions. Believe me you definitely can….

Check out the previous Micro Fiction Collection here:-

3 thoughts on “Once Again…

  1. i would have participated in it but i have to attend a important interview this week. Sorry buttercuff…. Its a boring Job 😉


  2. Guys….. jazzu might not say it… I will…. do some mehenat…. be more precise with your spelling, grammar & sentence structure. …..your Reader expects it out of you…. please do some effort on the story too… your Reader expects it….


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