The houses that were built upon me, they feared not of the doom that faced them. Happily unaware, they went on building them, one upon the other.

I am weak. I am no more able myself to carry this burden. Should I take it off? Should I take it off and keep it aside? And yet I wonder not of the weight that is burying me inside. I wonder of the fate of the houses.

I never wanted any more on me other than me. I knew I was not made of those bold stuff to carry them. But yet they thought I could. They stood on me and continued doing so. I carried them somehow.

One day I could no more. I took it off and kept them aside. Some fell and broke, some shivered violently. Some just shook in silence. I picked them up no more. I let them be off me. They yet stand still.

6 thoughts on “Stack of Houses

    1. i found an instant connection to this pic that too at 3.30 am. it was a split second connection. Thank you for reading and connecting to it. ☺


  1. reminds me of a concrete jungle that Mumbai is becoming hon. Also its symbolic of the stress we face everyday and how we dont vent ‘nuf. Society wants us to be happy all the time and we stuff our emotions deeper n deeper till theres no room anymore. Well crafted czarina


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