What do you call a person who has not committed himself/herself to any particular political party? Who is not a bhakt or a “tard” of any party? Do you call them “thaali ka beingan”? If so then sir/madam you can call me so.

I am not a politics fanatic. I don’t have strong opinions, be it positive or negative, for any leader (except ‘few’ congressis). I cursorily follow the news and the happenings around the political scenario of the country. I often keep quiet and listen to the opinions of the people around me. And I often find them getting excited and perhaps a little aggressive too when they opine about their favourite political party or leader, even though I don’t say anything to contradict what they have to say, as my only purpose is listening to them.

At such times I really feel like holding them softly but firmly by their shoulders and telling them “calm down dude”. I can’t really question such fanatics. Mind you I have genuine questions and genuine doubts because I really have no pre-conceived notions or opinions about any party or leader.

If you ask me what is my opinion about Manmohan Singh, you might probably not like what I have to say. But then it is my opinion. Honestly I feel he was an extremely learned and educated person, who, if he would have really wanted and dared, could have turned the economy of our nation. Yes I do believe the popular notion that he was a puppet. And that was the biggest black mark of his career.
I ofcourse do not favour his puppeteer nor her pseudo-leader son (who I really feel is spineless). But then again we cannot ignore the fact that Congress has some really learned politicians (here I tread on caution as I really have no clue about their ulterior motives).

When it comes to the current ruling party of BJP, I really admire the work that our Prime Minister is doing. He is an excellent marketer and I am sure by the end of his tenure the premiere management institutes around the world would have incorporated lessons from his work model as part of their management case studies. I admire his work, as atleast he is doing “something” compared to the last 10 years of governance that this country has seen nothing but scams and more scams. For that I support him. Yes, I do support him, but I am not his ‘bhakt’. My funda is very clear — I will support anyone until he is working (even if they be baby steps) for the development of my country.

That being said, I want to continue with the point saying that yes, the PM is working. But I don’t hold the same opinion for all the leaders of that party. The party in question at times seem too “Hinduvadi”, not to ignore some of its so called leaders, the “babas and sants”, who go on jabbering utter non-sense day-in and day-out. Presence of such dimwits really makes me question the credibility of the ruling party. I really woe at the kind of blasphemous mouths that are  leading our country. Deep within I really wish that if only Mr. PM could get rid of such half-minds. As it is not being done even though being so obvious, I presume it might seem politically damaging to them. Once again here I see an instance of personal benefit taking precedence over the national health. But hey as they say nothing and no one is perfect and I am sure Mr. PM will have pretty strong and well fenced reasons for not doing so.

Let’s talk about the new kid on the block. The Delhi-Winners. Their leader seems to be an educated administrator, but he really has a lot to prove after the last stint. He has, in the real sense, got a second chance. I have no clue what lead to his victory. Was it their excellent freebie filled manifesto or  was it their intelligent strategies? Was it the over-confidence of their competitors or the sheer confused state? Or was it sheer luck? I really have no clue.  When he first came, he was a revolution, but he turned himself into a joke. Even after that Delhi has given him a chance again this time, which I hope he takes it seriously and not blow it away in hasty decisions. I, like millions, had instilled a kind of faith in him during his first stint. He had seemed young and dynamic and full of a zeal for revolution. Really don’t know what got to him later. That was when my opinion about him dwindled. But Delhi has decided, so once again I will convince myself and prepare to watch him perform. Yes, the expectations are back as I feel Mr. Kejriwal would have learnt from his previous mistakes. All we can do now is wait and watch what the show unfolds.

I am not an expert on politics. I am the lamest in that aspect. I dont belong either to the Right-Wing or to the Left-Wing (Hell I don’t even know what they stand for). I am not a Hindu or Muslim or Christian. I neither belong to any scheduled caste or minority or OBC. I am just another middle class Indian, who just likes to be informed about what is happening around. And all I want from these warring political parties is development of my country. I am not difficult to be convinced. And if you give me even a little assurance of betterment of my country I will support you. Mind you, I will support you, but not blindly follow you.

Before I close this post, I want to word this crazy thought that I had in my mind. All throughout school I was taught that it is important to participate, winning or losing is secondary. We should never stop making efforts. So the crazy thought of mine is why can’t the political parties and their respective leaders follow this. Just imagine, respecting their differences, if the leaders co-operate to work with each other for the betterment of the country, if only Modi and Kejriwal enter a kind of treaty and start working alongside each other. The thought kind of gives me a contentment. But as I told it’s a crazy thought and I know that I won’t see such a scenario in my mortal life. If only they were mere competitors and not enemies. Power is a dangerous thing of which I don’t have slightest of idea.

What I have put here is just my thoughts and ideas. I don’t mean to offend or oppose anyone by them. Infact you are free to correct me if I am wrong anywhere. But only correct me, don’t preach about your favourite political God to me. Because it would not change me and you would only end up wasting your time and energy.

After all I am a mere Brinjal.

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