Matted white skin,
rose blush pink cheeks,
crimson lips,
shiny black hair,
flawless smile,
patchless dress.
She was once all of this.

People swooned around,
Praises bloomed,
Flashes glared
capturing her face.
Handsome happy lives,
proposed to be their wife
She smiled merrily
blushed fervently
the same all the time.

Then she fell,
down to the ground,
scratched scathe
tarnished taint.
Tattered to crumbs
badgered to pieces.
Hollowness revealed
echoing the silent screams.

No more the sunshine,
no light pierced the dark.
she now lies
in a corner like trash.
Discarded, forgotten,
no more the subject
of pride show for guests,
no more the piece of beauty
like that of a shiny past.

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