There’s a mountain ahead and I want to fly
Without wings how could I try?
The desire…
I do admire,
But without air, how can there be fire?
I must learn that it cannot burn
without forcing the wheel of air to churn.
But how can I tame the nature?
I feel like one of its creature.
The ability I can look to create,
but to achieve success should I wait?
Aggression and regression
are two opposite parameters.
The strategy I choose definitely matters.
Although it is difficult to choose the better
the more I try, the more I want to fly.
Though I reach up to the sky,
But I reach back where I started to try.
I must realize,
that when I do not possess the skill to fly,
I must not try to fly.
Rather I must move up step by step,
till I acquire skills to fly. 

PS: Written back in 2008

One thought on “Wings of Desire

  1. And there will be a time some day,
    When the things would fall in place and stay,
    To make it look easy and gay,
    Untill then, “All The Best” is all I say ! 🙂

    I wonderrr, What stopped the post to appear here since 2008 !
    Lovedd it 🙂


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