Micro Fiction #11 – Closing Curtain


Her wishes for Christmas had always been modest. And to her surprise, Santa always knew what she had wished for. In the morning, she would always find the very thing she had fancied the night before while going to sleep. The first time that she remembered of this was when she was six. Though she only has a hazy memory of that time. She can recollect that she was too excited while unwrapping the thin gaudy paper from around a small yet cute doll. And then there was a rare wide smile on her mother’s usually tired face seeing her girl’s happiness. The trend set had continued through all these years. One day though a girl from her school almost ruined it all for her, by some grown-up talk. But she covered her ears and ran away. And now, she had turned fifteen. This year too she went to bed on the Christmas eve after hanging her old socks at the window, with half faith and half hope that she will have the thing she has been wishing for, the next morning. And thus she quietly lay there on her bed, thinking. Did she still believe in Santa? Of course, she did. She had to. After all through all these years he had always gifted her what she had wished for. That priceless smile of her mom on the Christmas morning, while her daughter opened another small humble gift.

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The Sound Of Silence

Okay so today like so many times we fought. No broken china spilled curry or even blood. No torn notebooks or splinters of what used 
to be beautiful cellphones with crystal display showing the radiant face of the lover. There was none of that shit, no residue war-cry, nothing.
There was only silence. Static-stoic-solid.
That wrung my innards till bile gushed with every breath in tiny volcanic spurts and more silence that saturated me to a point 
where my head hit the door knob thrice while wanting to get out 
of the crapper that got smaller every five minutes.
Never knew what she meant when she asked me to go away from her, memory lapse I would say.
I did not have one, not without her, if you meant the box or may be hell.
Fair enough though.
Solitary that is but of course.

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He suddenly ended up on that social networking site. He didn’t know that its going to end up somewhere he wouldn’t come back from. He met that stranger friend over that website. They possibly never met. They were from different cities and totally different streams of studies. They just talked to each other formally and started becoming good friends. They just had the idea about each other’s field, family and nature. Less they knew but closer they became in no time.

One day that stranger friend suddenly stopped communicating with him. He was amazed but then he knew he wasn’t wrong at his place. He wasn’t aware about anything but he moved on in his life and became normal but missed that stranger friend which brought a smile on his face. He wanted that the stranger should come back but that stranger never turned back. One day he met that stranger in a train but didn’t know that the one he met was the same friend he used to talk on the website. Since then they started remaining in touch via calls and messages just as the stranger didn’t gave any information about being online or not.

Their friendship still continues. They meet often when in each other’s cities. They still don’t know about each other but he got the idea that friend is the same stranger but doesn’t want to lose the friendship. So he let it go as it is.

Life sometimes goes in a very strange way and what we should do sometimes is just accept the way it is. Makes it better to survive.

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The Silent Talk

She wondered if he would save them if hard times were to come. She secretly wondered if ‘they’ meant as much to him as it meant to her. She wondered if he really meant it when he had said that she means him his life.

He sat silently. He too knew of what could be coming. But he was calm. All choices had been long made. In fact there were no choices, there never were. There were epiphanies rather, epiphanies that had told him that there were no choices.

The truth was he didn’t love her as much as he loved his life. He loved her so much, that the endearment he had for himself, wouldn’t qualify to be labelled as love. 

 She was the everything he could have ever asked for… and even beyond.   

He could wrap himself around her and die through a thousand of most painful deaths before let smallest of harms even touch her. Even as the last of those deaths pierced through him, he would hold her tightest in that last moment he would get, so that his lifeless body cramped around her to protect her beyond. His final Love… his second mother… his first daughter… and his only God.

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….mebbe this would justify the end

The End for a New Beginning

 We are constantly fascinated by new ideas as and when they align with our views, #Micro Fiction an innovative concept was such a great idea. I hope that the experimentation and dialogues on each micro fiction helped us to be more interconnected with each other. The real inspiration behind any idea comes from the community engage with that idea. And, I would really like to thank Aditi for coming up such a great idea and all its participants who made it their part.

The pressure is always there to keep performing and to be in a certain way, and we fail every day. You always come up short of your expectations. Not every day will be your best, but to know when to retire and wait to retire is a choice person has. I personally believe Aditi is really a winner here to retire the idea at the exact point where she knows it’s the right thing to do. 

I am waiting for Aditi or someone from the group to come up with a new novel idea which will inspire us to contribute more to the world. Though its time to move on… It’s not the end… It’s the End for the New Beginning. 


I just have two words for all my readers and contributors…


Micro Fiction #10

My apologies to all the writers and readers who encourage and appreciate Micro Fiction, for keeping this edition pending for so long. I’m very thankful to you all for being patient with me and keeping your faith alive. 


The journey that did not start before you were born

As you move ahead in life, remember that you are a part of a beautiful journey that did not start before you were born. 

You opened your eyes for the first time, and your parents expressions could not be described of how overjoyed they were, you cried for the first time and like the hell broke loose for your parents. You smiled for the first time and it was like a festive season in your house. You cuddled to your father in sleep and he was awake to see all your expressions while in sleep. That first breastfeed made your mother cried in ecstasy. Those tiresome days of your parents working the full day, were relaxed by your first sight with a pleasant smile in the evening. Your first attempt to stand on own in this world was always a dream to be captured by leaving away all the tasks aside by your parents to be witness for that once in a lifetime instance. Those infant moments that was cherished by your family just to see you around all times.

Remember, as you grow up those things will never happen again but they cannot unhappen. Remember that you are a part of beautiful journey that did not start before you were born. Remember what you made your parent felt can’t ever be taken away.


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The World still talks of the way I survived the plane crash in Himalayas, I remember it differently though. I remember, boarding the plane for India from Illinois, the crash in the Himalayas and the rubble after that. I was sure to die as my mind played memories of my beloveds, my daughter’s laughter & my wife’s smile until I saw someone try to save me.

A 60 something guy brought me to a cave where he treated me but I was sure, the reaper was coming for me. The Images I saw before I blanked out were unbelievable even for a dying man.

On a beautiful moonlit night, I heard my savior’s painful screams, I saw him change, transform into an animal. In the fading light, all I remember is the beastly roar of a tiger. But things got warmer within me, I felt stronger as I escaped the cave & found a rescue team who got me to the hospital.

The world still talks of the crash, my survival & the amazing recovery. But the Images in my mind were still unanswered, until, I found the bite marks on my body. It was as if I was reborn in the cave. 
Since then, the only thing I fear is, another beautiful moonlit night.

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He and his Friends were out there to what everyone in the town referred to as ‘The Damned Place’. It was cursed to muffle one’s happiness and suck out the broken-heartedness. John’s Bungalow, some preferred calling, had a church in it, hardly visited by anyone for the mere fact that it was doomed. Very few returned with a sound mind. These devil-may-care individuals wanted to give it a shot. It was young blood in the driver’s seat for them, then.

“I hear something”, saying what he moved towards the broken window clearing out some spider web over it, dried grass and leaves made a cranky noise while he walked. Crickets and other reptile families made it seem a bit of terrifying scene. He felt peckish with the feeling of flies or insects on his body. Keeping all the weird thoughts out of the mind, he pressed hard over the window panes. He tried concentrating on what he thought is heard. He saw something unusual. “To thee, O Lord, I offer this”, and then a tall hooded man with the knife in his hand slit his wrist. He knelt, prayed and was down after some time. People in the church, six hooded ones went round and round while all this happened. He,
outside the church could only gasp for air. One of the people went aside removed the hood to reveal she was a girl. She looked around, waved and made weird motions in the air. She saw him, their eyes met, he gulped with horror tearing his stomach apart and she just smiled. Those soul piercing eyes made him puke. He got up only to learn he was there alone with no trace of Friends. He ran as hurriedly as he could to reach the town, where he saw the same lady selling toys, she smiled. He was awestruck and dazed by then, suffered a mental block. To this day, he speaks to none, often is seen with hoods making
weird signs and gestures out there in the middle. He was in love with the lady.

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Micro Fiction #9

A letter to the known UNKNOWN
Dear Dear You,
I don’t know how to start, hope you are doing fine as you did when we shared those lovely moments. I wonder if you are okay. Not hearing from you has to be the worst feelings I have ever had.
You used to say “Fill yourself up on the things around you. Until you’re bursting.  And then let them lose upon the page.” I am trying my best to do the same by writing them down day by day, events by events as and when they pass.
There are times when I dream you messages. I write a poem, sing a song…  I write you note in brainwaves and send them every time I blink twice… send you various good vibes. I wonder if you ever get them. If you don’t, be still for a moment, take a deep breath, plug in and simply reach out and catch something… it’s sure to be positive.
I desire for more alone time, to travel, to discover, to mystify myself. I feel I am so near but yet miles apart to find it. I know something very BIG is going to happen in my life, but I don’t know what, when and how. I just know it’s a feeling. I accept the unknown. And I embrace it.
I hope you get what you want or you want something new. I hope you appreciate how you feel now when you start to feel differently. I hope you spend your time with someone you love, even it’s just you.
I wish you beautiful meaningful moments. Cherish every single split second. They are so precious. And so are you.
Remember somewhere; someone still knows the words to the songs you still sing.
Love always,


“One day, Honey, You shall miss me”. Never did she forget these words coined by her beloved friend. Friend? Yes, because, she didn’t realize the gravity of those ill-fated tidingses then. Every time, they were together, he involuntarily uttered those precious-three-words, only to fall on deaf ears. She was way too happy to comprehend the relationship they had. Let it be dejection, elation or something of that sort, she knew exactly whom to call. He was always there and why wouldn’t he be! He was deeply in love with his best buddy, her.

Sometimes, things are taken for granted and people often fail to see the obvious picture around them. Later in life, when memories storm up their brains, those are the primary cause of perturbation. She always thought about him as a good friend and nothing more than that. He accepted the fact, one day and was enroute to the phase called, ‘moving on’. The more un-nerving part was when he hugged her and felt her imaginary hands holding him tight towards her. These half-hugs, sort of lead him to live a precarious life. Life had no meaning for him then, he preferred ending it. Even today, when she is hugged by her husband, she dares not hug him in return as she is buried down her own guilt of failing to do so in the past. She was a live-corpse then. She hardly smiled, missed him but never testified.Never!


Hidden tears
Her eyes were so full of love. She was standing there looking at him from a distance. She couldn’t stop her smile. That smile reached her eyes and they were shining so brightly. She couldn’t control her happiness on seeing him. After so long she had been seeing him. She wanted to go run and hug him and tell him ” I love you.. from always.. still ..forever.”

He was right in front of her. She could see the same look in his eyes. Distant. Dreamy. In love. Happy eyes. That smile. She loved him she just did. She moved ahead but then stopped in between. She realized he was busy talking to someone. He hadn’t even noticed her standing there. That look she realized was not because of her. He loves someone else. She wasn’t the one.

Slapped back to reality she thought ” She is stupid. Where was she heading to?” Its been such a long time that passed by. She put on her glares to hide the tears. Put on a fake smile so no one would notice. Turned around and kept walking and walking.

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A Dish best served Cold

His Facebook status update showed he was in her city. That city which had seen their friendship blossoming into love. That city which had also seen betrayal killing their love. That city which had been the graveyard of memories, broken promises & tears. Time had passed but healed nothing. She was still carrying the shards of her broken dreams. But this news made her eyes glint & put a spring in her step. She would see him. Surely he wouldn’t deny. After all he was the one who wanted to remain “friends”.

She called him up. After some small talk, with apprehension, she invited him for dinner. He wanted to take her out but she insisted on cooking for him. It did not take much insistence as he always was fan of her cooking skills. And the day arrived. The table was laid with all his favourite dishes. The dinner was peppered with conversations & reminiscences. It was an evening to remember! Finally she got his favourite dish out, Butterscotch Icecream, topped with loads of chocolate sauce. It was a joy to see him relish the ice cream. This is how she wanted him to remember. This is how she wanted them to stay forever.

Next day, the local newspaper lay at her doorstep. The headlines screamed. A couple found dead in a flat. Half eaten ice cream dishes found on the dining table. Police are investigating whether it is a case of Suicide or Murder.


And… special contribution this week is…

The Turning Point

Change is constant, and hardly any one has control over it. But this girl, who was in her highly ambitious adolescence,  she thought that she had the power and control over her Life and the changes that were going to take place in her life. According to her She was the dictator of her future and her life. This bubbly, full of energy, charismatic and aspiring medical professional has just entered her 18th year of journey around the Sun on this planet Earth. 

She was adored by some and envied by others for her liveliness. She was a perfect happy go lucky creature who believed in living life to the fullest. She was the child who was the pride of her parents. She was a role model for her fellow medical students on how to live life. She loved her life and her dreams to the fullest. Her only aim was to serve the humanity in the field of medics.
It was a fine Sunday morning, the weather was almost about to take its change from bright Summer to the most awaited monsoons that the planet needed. She woke up to beautiful voice of nightingale, with the cool breeze caressing her face as if welcoming her to the new bright day with yet another eventful chapter to be created in the diary of her life. She was forced to take the daily shower by her Mom, who had a suspicious smile hiding in her  literally glowing face; she could guess it that her mom was hiding something but ignored and went merrily as usual with high pitch bathroom singing. In the midst of her bath, Mom asked her to come out fast. In a haste she came out with water dripping from her long tresses like the dew drops falling from the leaf early in the morning, and with the purest of smile she asked her Mom what the matter was. Her Mom told her that few guests were there to visit them and asked her to get dressed up and come out quickly.
As she entered hallway, her mother introduced her to an elderly couple and two gentlemen. Suddenly, outside the monsoon made its violent approach ever it could with heavy thunderstorm and sudden downpour… And suddenly it was as if her life had changed its course.


And other commendable contributions though not exactly Micro Fiction are…

I’m an average guy!
He doesn’t go to extremes..
He’s not the man of your dreams…
Not saying that cuz he’s self-deprecating..
Just the truth it is, that i am repeating…
But let me tell you something about averages..
They stay with you longer than boys on stages…
The average guy won’t have a million fans..
But he sure knows how to hold you..how to dance…
No, he isn’t something from your dreams..something fantastic..
But he will be there when you’re not well..or simply feel sick…
Don’t underestimate the average guy, for you never know..
He can make you happy with his average arrow..his average bow…
He won’t get jealous..he won’t make you so..
He has other average things that make him go…
The average guy..he’s a useful chap..
Not too strong, not too weak, but just makes the gap…
He is the one you want, if you want stability..
Happiness, that is average..average his ability…
No one takes pride in being the average guy today..
So just wrote something, to spread what he’d to say..! 🙂
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“ट्विट्टर के कीड़े”
आज के युग में वैज्ञानिको ने कीट पतंगों के साथ साथ एक बिलकुल नए कीड़े की खोज की हैं! इनका सम्बन्ध ट्विट्टर के साथ हैं अतः इन्हें ट्विट्टर के कीड़े कहा जाता हैं!
प्राप्ति स्थान:- यह कीड़े प्राय गर्मियों में प्रकृति की शांत गोद में, बागों में, पेड़ों की छांया में, घर की छतो पर तथा सर्दियों में बंद घरों के कोनो में ट्वीट करते हुए पाए जाते हैं! ये कीड़े पूरी रात जागते हैं!
उत्पत्ति विधि:- इन्टरनेट तथा सोशल नेटवर्किंग नामक उत्प्रेरको के साथ तीव्र ट्वीट क्रिया करने पर यह कीड़े प्राप्त होते हैं!
                       इन्टरनेट + सोशल नेटवर्किंग + ट्वीट क्रिया ——> ट्विट्टर के कीड़े

भौतिक गुण:- इनका रंग साधारणतया पीला, आँखें अन्दर को धंसी हुई, छुपी तथा स्वभाव चिंताजनक पाया जाता हैं!
रासायनिक गुण:- यदि इन ट्विट्टर के कीड़ों को अधिक वायुमंडलीय दबाव पर लगभग ५ ग्राम हंसी मजाक के साथ ट्रोल किया जाए तो एक विशेष प्रकार के चिडचिडेपन की उत्पत्ति होती हैं!
                      ट्विट्टर के कीड़े + ५ ग्राम हंसी मजाक के साथ ट्रोल + वायुमंडलीय दबाव ——> चिडचिडापन

पहचान:- आँखें हमेशा मोबाइल या लैपटॉप की स्क्रीन पर चिपकी हुई, कुछ फैशन से बिलकुल दूर और कुछ उससे भरपूर, हर समय राजनीति, फिल्मों या खेल की बातें करना, समाज के निकट होते हुए भी ये समाज से अपरिचित होते हैं!

नोट: ये रचना मेरे द्वारा कुछ वर्षो पहले एक पत्रिका में पढ़ी गयी रचना से प्रेरित हैं!


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Micro Fiction #8


Life had just entered the most exciting phase for them,
where possibilities seemed to have no end. The moment he saw her, he knew she
was special and in what seemed like an attempt to make to make things worse for
him, she smiled. They faced each other on daily basis, they were both more than
aware of each other’s presence but never really acknowledged this fact. The
excitement was beautiful; they were both handling this with kid gloves, afraid
to mess this up.
And it really seemed like they didn’t mess this one up at
all. Fate again hinted a bond among them as it insisted that their paths kept
crossing. They had never thought something like this could ever happen for
real, and yet here they were, living it! They didn’t know whether their fate
was helping them or bluffing them, but in that moment they didn’t care whether destiny intended to be together forever or not!! They
walked together on the same path without waiting for any more of fate’s miracles
to hint them…

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How and what made me strong !!

I sit alone…I prefer it this way…

I tried to give my heart to peopleI thought were true friends…

But again they stabbed me in the back and left me broken on the floor.
In tiny pieces.Time and time again I put my trust into another human.
But as soon as my back was turned the knife went in….
Deeper and deeper…
Turning and twisting…
Venom spewing from their mouths…
Insulting me… Accusing me…
I felt i cannot open my mouth
For they take my words and make them their own.
There is no point in me defending myself…
As there are too many against me.
So I remain silent.
My tormented soul cries out.
No more pain !
I close myself up now.
Turns my back once again.
But this time there are no knives…
For I wont ever trust again…
No friends are better than ones who hurt.
Have I understood the purpose of my life?

You are only once available to this planet earth. After you are gone, after a period of time, people will forget your name no matter how beautiful it was, they will forget your face no matter how bright your smile was, they will forget your conversations no matter how inspiring they were.  The only people that will remember you are the ones who shed a drop of tear not for losing you but for not being able to continue to live without you. There will be many who will be shedding their tears but only few will be worth of pearls.  Identify those now and make them more worthy as the past goes away.
The purpose of life is not to be happy in the worldly matters, the purpose of life is not to keep your skin glowing, the purpose of life is not to be sad with political matter which does not directly affects you, the purpose of life is not to be happy with someone for limited period, the purpose of life is not to write the story of how you felt at given moment, the purpose of life is simple to keep yourself at calm always, to keep the faith in the creator of the universe, to make sure each one of you that comes in contact in any given moment has a reason to smile being with you.
Take a chair have a tea/coffee apologize to yourself first and start the next move to understand and make the difference of the life remaining on the last corner place of this beautiful planet called earth you are currently residing in. 
They said, ‘This has to be mecca for all the bachelors ’. He was naive and too stupid for all such things. Having seen all the bad stuff that thing caused, he was pretty reluctant to try. Somewhere deep down in heart, a naughty part of his propped him. His body involuntarily agreed. Stuck by the charm, he gave it a thought. His experiences failed and turned deaf ears at this very thing. Close companions and acquaintances aided him negligibly. He decided to be the rear wheels and go with the flow.
He was besotted with it. That was enough to take him to cloud nine. Everything in the surrounding seemed cheerful. Slaphappy, he was and cared nothing about the consequences. There was a dilemma he faced. A rookie in such situations may be fatal but then he was too smitten by it. Taking deep breathes, he closed his eyes, and let himself for a somersault in the pool of something, they call, ‘Love’. He was in love with her.
Half burnt page from the diary of a heartbroken.
The other day i was walking down the lane. 
That was when the wind blew and brought along with
it a piece of paper.A half burnt one it was but what caught my eyes 
were small hearts drawn in red on that. Of course curiosity got better of me and i read it.

“I am so much still in love with him. What can i do now? I just can’t stop 
myself from feeling that love. We broke up long ago but to stop loving him is like 
to stop breathing. I need help to get over him. How much i have tried. What not i have tried.
Dear diary i think i am dying inside. That original me is dead. I walk along the world
but i am so far left behind. I am not able to talk to anyone accept you. Its killing me.
What kills me more is to think that has he moved on? Has he found someone new?
I don’t want to imagine that but my mind won’t stop. Does he thinks about me? Does he miss me?
Or is it just one sided? All these questions kill me. But even a slight memory of him brings smile too.
The essence of that love won’t ever go away. It was and always will be beautiful.
I want and wish for him to be happy. I want and don’t want to know about his present.
What if “

And that’s where it ended.I wonder how many love stories are out there like this.
I come across many heartbroken and each has a new story to tell.
I think Love is the best and can be the worst of its form.
But this story just made me think Does it end OR Its really for forever?

She stands there by the door as the room wobbles like a sunken ship from 1920s during an earthquake.

Its the booze and the pills, blue-pink-orange-white. Heart in the throat, guilt in my hands violet sick-thick like the semen at the end of the hour inside the rump beneath the soiled ten’s and twenty’s. The slow moving opaque glass window. The faint whiff of French cologne. The half soaked mauve carpet. The half burnt scented candle. The half open wooden cabinet. The stained satin sheet dragged till the chair. The squished petal of rose on the sheet. The airborne velvet gift wrapper. The sloppy end or a renewed start?

she stands there clutching the knob.

Indecision is a bitch.


College Couples
She was a geek, He a young blood freak,
She made a move, He remain glued,
He was a warrior for her, She a mere dependency,
Love was a blissful busty.
She scored well, He passed on the verge,
Both made a beautiful plunge,
Though what mattered was togetherness clue,
Every day was becoming a pleasurable flu.
Path such when we walk sometimes,
Don’t forget the in and out of Life,
When we entered it we have it all,
Sometimes remaining there you have to leave it, fall.
Make up your mind, don’t give them a chance,
Justify your worth and run on the glance,
No one can stop you if the intentions true,
Love is always defined as a bird, blue.
Small Joys
It was a dark stormy night.
Deafening thunder rent the dark skies.
And it was raining in sheets.
Like a waterfall from the skies had opened up.

On the thicket of bramble bushes, the beggar woman had spread out her tattered saree. Under it, in her exposed body, she sat hugging her 4 year old son. The saree above provided some respite from the watery deluge. And yet the stubborn water would drip through the cloth, and the tatters. All that she could do today to protect herself and her precious child from the deluge.

And yet they found comfort and warmth in each others embrace. Mother and child watching, from under their dripping canopy, the naked watery dance of raw nature with interspersed thunder.

Suddenly, the child picked his small face up from the crook of his mothers neck and asked “Maa, what must the really poor be doing in such rains?” The woman didn’t answer, she just looked into her childs eyes… And thanked the God that she saw there.


My First Encounter With Corruption

Happy for my new bike i was driving cautiously on that particular road. Cops out of nowhere came and asked for the documents which I didn’t have since it was a new bike. They looted illegal bribe out of me when I was ready to pay the legal fine. I was left disheartened. I always tried to remain corruption free, but is it so easy?


Till Death Do Us Apart

The story hidden in the smudged kohl of her tear filled swollen eyes was something untold…

Something forbidden to be mentioned…

She stood looking out the window at the grey stormy sea, and the violent waves crashing on the rocks. It reminded her of the broken wine bottle that now lay on the carpet. She didn’t deserve this fate, she thought to herself, she was the bride after all.

She turned and swept a look at what was supposed to be her honeymoon nest. She went into the washroom and stood in front of the mirror looking at the image of a once pretty face which was now bleeding from places. The make up for the ceremony was now replaced with dried blood mixed with tears.

She took off her wedding dress which, when she had bought, had thought that would be passed down through generations of her children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Little did she know what was the fate of that dress.

She bundled the dress and threw it disgustedly in the shit-pot and took the match and set it fire and watched it burn till the last of the white had turned black and ash. She pulled the flush and saw it go down the drain. Then she cleaned herself and came out. Dressed herself and for a last time looked at the mangled body of the beast who had vowed never to leave her till death separates them. That was the reason why she had killed him. Otherwise he wouldn’t have left her.

She crossed the room and picked up her bag lying in the corner and dug out her cell-phone from it and dialled.

“Hello… I’ve called to report the death of Mr. Carson…. He has been murdered… Who did it? Oh! It was me… I’m his wife…”


Micro Fiction VII

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The Interval

Sometimes beautiful things come into our lives out of nowhere. We can’t always understand them, but we have to trust in them. He used to feel like nobody when alone or in crowd, but with her around he had an identity of being somebody meaningful. Her laughter was the only question he wanted to be an answer for. And, his dream was one day he will have a world where she will wake up beside him every day. She will honor him like her King and he will equally honor her like her Queen.

With the concept of “the more two people meet together the more familiar they become”, he started to encourage his moves towards her to show his appreciations towards her and how she meant a world to her. The best day of his life was the one on which he decided to propose. It was an amazing journey he was experiencing it seems. This is the day his life really started to begin. 

He was all set, white shirt nicely tucked in gray trousers the colors she loved, boots well polished for the first time in many months as long as he could remember. A wide grin, expressing his happiness all around, the birds were chirping beautiful hymn, butterflies of all warmth passing by. The stage was perfectly set. He approached her and greeted with a wide smile, she was extremely overjoyed with a first look at him. And, he started his move to say… “I need to talk to you, it’s something important…” halfway through his statement the phone rang. She had to abruptly stop him to pick an important call, she set aside a few distance from him  making him restless as each second was like a year passed by. Her finishing word on the phone call was “Yes, Yes, yes.” was all he heard from that distance. She seemed happy and came running towards him and hugged him. He replied “What happened why you seem to be so happy…” She replied to him “He proposed me… and I said Yes to him, and you are the first one to know…” 

Even today, when someone abruptly walks away from his conversation for few seconds, he doesn’t know what it is called, the spaces between seconds – but he think of her always in those intervals.

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She Walked to Conquer

“She walked for herself from others. The path till now was trecherous. The option was there earlier to choose, but she didn’t. The independence of chasing the dream alone was something she wanted to do. She new the time has come.

Freedom had a breath of fresh air. She was tired of being accepted on the basis of others presumptions. She knew she had to walk that extra mile, for this might be the last chance she has.

She was always looked down upon like a thrash. She never complained because she wanted to be accepted. She preferred to be hated for the right reason than to be appreciated for the wrong reason.”


No Promises

He entered the class. She looked up and at that very instant she felt some long lost bond.
She ignored as a mere thought. After an year when they became best friends she remembered the intution she got. 

She sensed something more than friendship. She kept it hidden knowing it would lead nowhere. She couldn’t give him a life long love. She didn’t want to be responsible for a broken heart. 

A night came. He said was their friendship a bit more? She couldn’t control and confessed but said No promises.

He accepted love for her with No promises. They were in a different world. Excited. Happy.Elated. Belonged. 

They were their for each other in their worst times helping the other through it. Their Love saw no boundaries.

An year passed by like seconds..

The time had come. She had to bid goodbye. She had a decision to make. Love or parents?! She chose the one who gave her Life but leaving her life behind. Sad she was. Lost she was.

She was breaking a heart. Making someone fall apart. He respected her choice and reminded her, No promises was what she first had said. She had given him no false hope. She had showed him what was true love. 

Now all their happiness was the other one’s Smile. They hugged and parted with a Smile. 
Promising for the first time the other to stay Happy.Time passed by.. Memories flashed by.. Some pain came by.. No promises was what they remebered.. 

The only promise was a Promise to Smile 🙂


His Patience

He was shattered. His girlfriend gave up on him. His parents weren’t satisfied with his performance. His friends just left him from everywhere. He was just alone surviving on Faith that one day everyone might just realize that he had his own reasons. He didn’t try and prove because it was impossible to prove to everyone. He just went with the flow of Life and his Hope never left him and nor did he lose hope.

Today he has a million friends. His parents are proud to have him as their son. His girlfriend came back to apologize to him. He is calm and he accepted everybody back because he was unique. He wasn’t the same as everybody was. Today he knew the value of being needed. When he needed nobody was there so he realized that how it feels and today he thinks of everyone that though they are selfish and need him so they are with him, he has his responsibilities to be with them. He just has to reply to the Supreme who was always there with him, is and will always remain. Peace.


And then there is hope …..

 She was surrounded by criticisms … By people who only shrugged her …
 By people who never respected her .. By people who never saw her worth …
 By people who never loved her…
 By people who made her miserable …

 Yes she started believing she was mad .. Ugly … Worthless !

 She saw the light of wisdom…
 She learnt that there is hope …
 She loved herself …
 She hugged herself …
 She patted her back ..

 Love flowed …
 Friends noticed her worth …
 They noticed her beauty within …
 They noticed her SELF..

 She filled with all in gratitude …
 She became all forgiving …
 She turned all compassionate ..
 She understood all the love …
 She transformed into a beauty ..!

 And then the world was hers
 As much as she was of the world



He waited for her to be there. Rains had made it sure that he was drenched to the core. The tree branches were the only shade to his rescue. By the road, he could see a girl wearing a T-shirt that bore her initial letter. A retail shop besides had her name too. On a tree, he could find a bill pasted that read, ‘blah blah blah, contact: ‘her name’’. He believed the signs were to prop him for the thing he wished to commit for days. Considering all these as cues, he thought of telling her the obvious today.

She arrived late, as usual. Nah, she hardly wore make up, it was her forte to not be on time and spread sunshine. She was his love for life. The moment she was there, a wide smile greeted him asking, ‘What’s with your hair? Your choice is so weird.’ He knew, this was it, so he held her hand, took deep breathes and exclaimed, ‘You, are my Choice.’ She paused for seconds and then laughed her heart out, giving a mild jerk to the hand, she replied, ‘Enough Buddy, we are getting late for the tuitions, we shall resume the game when we return.’ He could just smile and accompany her… Best Friends, they were. Oopps, are. 

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उसकी आँखें कुछ कहती थी, पर क्या ये वो आज तक समझ नही पाया था. साहिल किनारे बैठ के समंदर की लहरों की हवा जो सुकून पहुँचाती थी कुछ वैसा ही सुकून उसकी हाँसी की खनखनाहट में था.  उसकी हर एक हरकत उसके दिल में उतरी हुई थी. उसकी हल्की सी आहट उसके दिल की धड़कने बढ़ा जाती थी. कुछ ऐसा ही असर था उसका. वो अल्हड़ सी थी. दुनिया से बेफ़िक्र वो एक मचलती, शोर मचाती नदी की तरह बहे जा रही थी. उससे तो ये तक खबर ना थी की वो उसके इस बहाव में किस तरह डूब चुका था और उसी के साथ बहा जारहा था. एक नशा सा था इस बहाव में जिसमे डूब कर वो अपने आप को जन्नत के करीब महसूस करता था. उसका साथ उसके लए जन्नत से कम नही था. इस साथ को वो क्या नाम दे ये अब तक उसे समझ नही आया था, क्योंकि उसकी आँखें क्या कहती थी ये वो आज तक समझ नही पाया था.


The Connection

She stepped outside the office. It was breezy and chilly outside. She braced herself with both her hands trying hard to keep herself warm. She tried hailing for an auto but none was ready to come. It was already past 9.30. She knew it would be difficult to catch a rickshaw at this hour. She started walking, thinking that if she waited more she would get further delayed. Her mom had already called her many times and had inquired about her whereabouts. She had had a busy day and those constant repeated calls had irked her after a point of time. She knew her mom was worried as hell and so she wanted to get back home as soon as possible.

It started drizzling after a point of time. And she had to cover her head with her jacket hood. She prayed that the rains do not pour down heavily. She had lost all hopes of catching a rickshaw. She continued her walk and finally reached her home after 45 minutes.

Her phone rang as soon as she entered her home. She picked up the phone and spoke, “Yes Ma… I reached. Dont you worry so much.”

“Yes I’ll have my dinner… No.. No… I’m fine… It’s just that I’m tired… Ok Ma… You take care… Goodnight Ma…” Thus she concluded the call and soon she fainted on the bed. She was suffering from high fever since morning and she had been missing her mom all along.

Next day…

She rang the bell and waited earnestly for the door to open. The door opened and she just hurled herself towards her mom and hugged her tight. Both were crying. They were meeting after full one year.

Her mother said, “You didn’t even tell that you’re coming, I could’ve arranged for pick-up”.

She replied, “Mom… Stop worrying… I’m home now.”

“I can never stop worrying about you my dear, especially when I know you’re not well.”

She was astounded and all she could do was gape at her mom.

“What !” said her mom…
“Don’t forget I’m your mom… Have known and understood you since the time when you couldn’t even talk and would know even if you don’t wish to tell it to me.” Saying so, she hugged her daughter once again and the stream of tears continued.

PS: This was written for this week’s Micro Fiction, but then since it didn’t fit the bill, I’m posting it separately.

Micro Fiction VI

One dark unfortunate night, she scooted out of an unknown warehouse, crying.  She was running so hard that while trying to wipe her tears, she lost her balance and fell brutally on the pavement bruising her knee really bad. She was hurt.  She tried to scream out the pain, but her larynx chose to betray her.  She picked herself up and started running again. It was hurting her more now, as now she was bleeding from two places on her body. Her legs bathed in her own blood. Every step she took hurt her more, made her bleed more, but she still chose to run. She now realized that she’s much far away from that wrecked abandoned warehouse. She saw a dark alley. Getting in between two closely constructed building was closest to a hug she could get. So, she entered.
It was a dark lane lit by a lone dim lamp. She sat there and started crying. She was crying so loud that one could spot nerves on her neck. Suddenly, a door opened from one of the building and two men came out. Their eyes met with those of the girl. The girl understood the repugnance that shone in those 2 pair of eyes, déjà vu.  She stood up and started running again. Both of them followed her. One of the guys somehow got a hold of her hair. He lugged her back by her hair so forcefully, that she slipped, and fell hard on the road by her arse, breaking her pelvic bone, followed by a punch in the ribs by other guy. She almost fainted.  Both guys swiftly picked her up and tried to take her back in the dark building. She was still struggling; they used their strong muscle to null her struggle. She was kicking and punching and kicking with all the might she was left with. In the middle of this tussle, she accidentally kicked the side of the bed and “OUCH!” she screamed and woke up. She was dreaming. She realized it was a dream. A horrible horrible dream. She thanked God it was just a dream! She touched her forehead; she was sweating, made her laugh out loud out of craziness.

Love in the time of Facebook

She was a die-hard romantic, looking for signs which would lead her to her soul mate. He was a lonely man, looking for love. One day, she got a friend request from him. She checked his profile. There were no mutual friends but there were some mutual page likes. In one of the mutually liked page, the recent activity was, liking a post “Single & Ready to Mingle”.

He liked the post “Single & Ready to Mingle” on one of the Facebook page. Out of curiosity, he checked who else had liked the post. His eyes stopped at one pic. He just couldn’t wait to know more about her. He sent her Friend Request.

She accepted it. This was the beginning of a new fairy tale.

A Promise Fulfilled
A cold summer breeze made the wind chime sing as it entered our room and bathed her in its cold. She was seated on the bed, talking on the phone to my sister, going through our wedding album as I looked upon from the darkest corner of the room.

She looked mysterious in the dim lit room, a quality I had always found sensual in her. Her eyes had a twinkle in it, and her smile was enrapturing as that of a toddlers yet it used to send shivers down my spine making me ramble like fools in the past.

I walked towards the fireplace and blew some air towards her, a strand of hair cut loose from her neatly combed bun. It drew her attention; she was looking enchanting as always even in her house gown. 
A tear trickled down her face as she walked got up and started to walk towards me. I opened my arms to welcome her, only now she walked right through me. She stood by the fire place and wailed looking at the picture clicked at our wedding day.

3years ago on this day, I died in a car accident. Only if I could tell her that I had returned for her love, for the promised that I had made as a mortal.

Sadly, she didn’t believe in ghost. Until she would find love again, I’d be her guardian angel.

Anvay, wheaty in complexion, 2’ 8’’, just eight, was a jocund kid. His wits and humour together not only made sure people around were baffled to the core but also guaranteed that the queries asked by him crown him the title of ‘pagla dedh footiya’.  Often his apprehension of the serious comical things around pestered the township. 

Once upon a time, Anvay, the sheepherder, was busy keeping the sheep together in a flock, when he sat down for a short nap. “You all , yes you, all animals, listen you, I go now, I have a short nap, see you all in half an hour. Don’t go too far eh?! Haan, good good, listen to your master”, saying what he fell asleep.

“Wake up son; you are to change the present scheme of things in the world. Your sarcasm is revolutionary and far ahead of time. These mundane souls don’t get the gravity of those issues your mind cooks”, the Angel in his dream quoted. Anvay woke up with a bang. His heart heaved heavily and made an unsuccessful attempt to retch out. 

That evening, he went home wrote a rough draft of stuffs his mind sketched out, preserved them and slept. Only fate knew, he won’t open eyes again. Anvay had a bite by a Viper.

People carried out the last rituals and built a tombstone that read, “Anvay, the philosopher”, in memory of the book, these people found posthumously… Also, they named the town after him. Death was the king-maker then….


That’s Life! I live… will live…

How my heart beats, is not easy to pen down over here. Heart that never missed a single beat missed its beating counts the moment it felt your presence around. The air which was meant to breathe just stopped in an admiration of your aura. Your beautiful skin could easily put Goddess to shame. And I could just go on and on the words will never be able to justify your description to draw a picture about you.
Where you used to be, there is a hole in the world. The songs that were played on repeat had beautiful lyrics meant for togetherness is now filled with those empty, loneliness and gloominess all around. The Sun that came down, is yet to rise in a hope that there will be a beautiful morning once again. The day that was left decade ago without you seem just like yesterday. Dreams no longer lure me to sleep, as there are no more reasons left to dream without you. The eyes that were meant to cry the moment I lost you, I had console them with a hope of you coming back, the force to relieve them is getting stronger and stronger as days passes by. I lost you for you to be happy always, leaving me to be happy, for you to be happy. That’s Life! I live… will live… But this stupid heart is not in acceptance…

The Realisation

“When gravity pulls and that direction is the same as the one you’re currently travelling, it’s difficult not to admit you’re falling. The loud splat at the end is a dead giveaway.”- Her favorite quote this was. Maybe because her life agreed with it. She liked him and he liked her back. It was only a matter of time before she realised she was falling for him. Falling harder than she ever had. And, the erratic and wild beating of her heart when around him was a dead giveaway.

Love. It was a strange feeling and it was alien to her. But that was back then. Today, 7 years after the realisation, 7 years of spending the most beautiful moments of her life, did she realise what true love meant. That coffin, his coffin, it taught her what it meant. The hollow in her heart couldn’t be misunderstood.


Stinking Thoughts

A map was on his mind for his life to walk on. He never thought what was his original destination. Negative thoughts what something he built upon his castle. He thought that the darkness, the blackness of Life is the way it goes. He never thought this all could lead to things he wouldn’t repay or solve them. He started to work on things which could give him more money, more fame and more comfort in his life. He could do anything that would help him achieve any of these. He was an atheist and didn’t believe in the Supreme Soul. His motivation was tad too negative and his happiness lied in doing the wrong  things, appearing right to him. He was a chain smoker, a voracious drinker and sometimes sniffed weed as well to relax himself. He thought that was all Life could be till his friend came in to his Life. His name was Mahesh. He was totally the opposite of this guy.
Mahesh was a very spiritual person, totally believed in God and was a contended person though having nothing. He started getting jealous of Mahesh when he used to see Mahesh smiling and being satisfied in what he had and he couldn’t remain happy in spite of having 10 times more than Mahesh. Mahesh taught him Life lessons about love, friendship, thoughts beyond religion and leaving all the bad and negative things. He taught him that real contentment is in small joys, in being happy, in doing things what makes him happy. He didn’t understand what Mahesh said but gradually in the feeling of jealousy and to be happier he started doing things what Mahesh told him. Eventually he learnt Life lessons and the realizations made him leave all the bad, negative things and made him a good human being. Finally he realized that it all depends on how you think is what you achieve in real. He spitted all the Stinking Thoughts and lived a life free of conscious bites and sadness. Both became Life time friends and Life became their Best friend.

Preface to Micro Fiction Collection

Note: This was posted as a comment on Micro Fiction V by one of the esteemed contributors Mr. Irfan Kazi to it. With his permission I’m posting it as a guest post here as I had just loved the vision that he has created in here and I wanted it to share it with everyone. Hope you’d like and appreciate it as much as I did.

I have begun to realize that you can listen to silence and learn from it. It has a quality and a dimensions all of its own. 

Try this out, go to a beach in evening whenever you are stressed out with work, frustrated with the way relation is going forward, or any kind of bad situations you faced in life, find a place where within the existing hot tempered, and crowded world you can be all by yourself, no friends, no family members no one except you and the beach sand, you and the fresh air, you and the big umbrella of sky, you and the mesmerizing and melodiously singing sea waves gushing at you.

Now just, look behind and see, amongst the vendors trying to sell you different kind of things that you wouldn’t require if you weren’t there, behind you there are the occasional lovers making promises to each other only to realize that they will break them in future. The parents tying to provide their children the best of the quality time they can provide, but with a feeling of uncertainty about their jobs in the modern style of living where there are way too many negative news coming around. The elderly lady taking an evening walk all by alone, who someday had a very close large network of people, surrounded her. There is too much negative in the life around us that while reading this paragraph, you already have found one or more negative thought just by reading this one. You suddenly feel sad for no reasons; nothing of these actually means anything to you.

Now, just look ahead and see the line that divides the sea and the sky that one thin line, just gush your eyes through the left where the sea starts to kiss the sky and at the extreme right where it ends. You shall notice, the cool colors within the water, an occasional birds either swimming, or hunting fishes to be feed to their young ones. A flock of birds going from one direction to another in an arrow formed unison with leaders changing position at every interval without disturbing the arrow trail they fly into. Melodies of the birds singing around you. Look upon clouds and see the beautiful formation they create when they join and disjoin. Listen to sound of the waves gushing at you. A ship sailing across all the tides weathering all heavy waves around. You suddenly feel better for no reasons; nothing of these actually means anything to you.

If you are following the #MicroFiction beautifully vision by Aditi, this is how life exactly is there are way too many things and each even displaying its traits like a two side of the coins. Either you be part of this and contribute or every day, the world will drag you by the hand, yelling “This is important! And this is important! And this is important! You need to worry about this! And this! And this!”

And each day, it’s up to you and me, to yank our hand back, put it on your heart and say “No. This is what’s important.”

– Irfan Kazi

Blog: http://irfankazi.posterous.com/

Micro Fiction V – Of Beginnings & Ends

*I couldn’t complete my story*

It’s when you hold eye contact for that second too long or maybe the way
you laugh. It sets off a flash and our memories take the picture of who we
are at that point when we first know “This is love”.

Your love for the pet dog, loitered in all our conversations we had, till
that day when the ever glowing, smile spreading and happy go lucky face
changed its whole visual expression for a week which looked like lifetime
of irreparable loss. The ill fate news of your pet leaving you all alone in
this cruel world came through that Nokia 6610 phone. You were so
inconsolable, that you forgot how much loss I made on that very moment by
losing those glowing pearl drops rolling down from each of your beautiful
eyes on your cheeks. Those curvy lines made by your lips which made me free
of all worries around in the world were suddenly deformed to one straight

line. And, *I couldn’t complete* *my part of story*


A New Beginning
She was seething with anger. Anger towards her life & her helplessness. Anger fuelled her pace. She was unaware of leering glances of strangers. She had only her destination in mind – the sea. The one which had calmed her all her life, was going to give her the ultimate peace. She was taken aback by the Beach Patrol driving around the beach. Hesitatingly she decided to wait for them to go away.

Suddenly a constable came & started scolding her for being at such a dangerous place at midnight. A woman staying under the bridge had sensed her purpose & called the constable from the nearby police chowky. “What would be the result if some goons kidnapped you & sold you to a brothel?” he asked? Petrified, she started crying & poured her life story.

This mellowed the constable. He tried to calm her by offering water & the best piece of advice anyone had given her. He said, “God has given purpose to every life. Think of the unfortunate who are thirsting for love. Look at the orphanages, the old age home, the street urchins. Find your purpose in them”

Now, 25 years later, she looked back at that incident with happy tears. She was now the principal of the school run by the orphanage & always surrounded by lovely children. The End had turned into a Beautiful Beginning!!!


Boundless Love

Instead of the fact they belonged to different religions, they were enjoying their friendship, Sharma and Thomas. But hatred of their parents made them their biggest enemies. Sharma’s and Thomas’ family had given birth to boy and girl respectively. After a while Thomas went abroad. Sharma never missed him. His son entered into school. After few years when Thomas came back, he sent his daughter to the same school, where Sharma’s boy was studying.
She was Rich, he was poor. They both used to sit on same bench but they were unaware of their families’ past. She was falling in love with his simplicity. He was afraid of the word “LOVE”. Slowly and astonishingly he started falling in love with her but couldn’t express it. They joined the same college. They were still in love, and still unaware of each others’ feelings. Eventually the boy proposed her to be his soul mate and she accepted. They came to know about their families’ enmity. They tried telling their parents but they denied. They planned and ran away from their families to love and live happily!

 “Don’t leave me Son”, appealed the Father, with tears accompanying. He was in excruciating pain. The mere fact of watching the son die before him befuddled his mind. Son was his world, he made it look complete and that his absence spelt a void to be created. For days, father thought about this sorry day and knew it would wreck his heart open. Son, suffered from a disease that was leading to his premature death. Needless to say, he had this guilt deep buried inside that he had to leave the world without paying his debt off. The debt of being raised by a parent like his father.  With deep remorse he whispered his final words “Forgive me Dad, Cousins who are above call me now… ”

It was his cue; a wild breeze that blew over caused the almost-dead fruit to hit the ground ripping it apart badly. The father-the tree, could do nothing but to accept the never-ending-bound-to-happen thing and start anew.


She was a star. He was a common man. Love as we know never saw status. They fell in love and started their journey on the beautiful path. Rocks fell in her ways to face. He became the one to handle those. In the while their relation blossomed her urge to become more popular rose too and she started giving more importance to her career. He never changed and still supported her because his love was devoid of materialistic greed. One day when he returned from his work he found her sleeping on the couch resting so peacefully that he was relieved of his exhaustion. As and when he was approaching her he could notice her lips had went blue and body pale yellow. He sat besides her to caressed her, came to know she was cold completely. 
He found a letter besides her which said, ” Rohan, I loved you and i still love you and will do but i know i have ignored you enough and may be till you receive this letter i would not remain in this world, i hope the moments and memories we shared will be cherished by you. Please forgive me for taking this step but i couldn’t take this anymore and instead of facing the shine of this fake world i would love to die at OUR place and please bury me in the backyard of our home without letting anyone know, because i will always protect you and will be with you. It’s just that the guilt of not giving you all what you have given me has made me take this step and i know i could have never been able to repay you back what you have done for me. I thank you for being there always. This is just something i could do for US, i know may be this is not right but this is what i thought could at least stop me from being away from you. I LOVE YOU”
He was shattered. He couldn’t cry. He couldn’t just get over her. He dressed her beautifully, kept the best of her things in her coffin, kissed her a million times and tears couldn’t stop post he buried her in the backyard. Since that day he started working for people who needed worker to bury for coffins. To let her remain in her memories forever he chose this job. She was always around her when he needed, but time wasn’t

The Turning Point
He held the small bundle carefully in his arms. He was scared as hell. He felt as if he was holding a time bomb in his hands which was ticking off and would blast any time. He was in awe. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. He was overwhelmed. He held the bundle carefully in one arm and used the other to unwrap the cover. And there it was…

There he could see that tiny creature, with tiny eyes and hands and feet and nose and pale pink lips looking back at him. That tiny pink tongue occasionally came out to lick its lips. And then gently he held out a finger which the baby grabbed firmly in its tiny fists.He held his beautiful tiny daughter in his arms and smiled at her, and the baby looked back with earnest eyes.

That was it! The moment when he realized that what he held was his world. That was the moment he derobed the habbit of a reckless man. That was the moment he became – a father.


Micro Fiction – IV

Why I am living?

My parents scold me, my so called best friends mock at me, whenever I face any kind of failure in life, but I can’t blame them, they are not wrong and I never reply them back. Sincerely putting all my efforts to my dreams and patiently waiting for the day when I’ll be finally able to reply them back through my actions. Apart from all them I have few people who encourageme all the time.

My life was once endangered; I quit sleeping, and gave up eating etc. I thought of leaving life rather than living it because I couldn’t help being a failure whenever I looked at the mirror. At last now I love living life because now I firmly believe that ‘for being successful one should know how to bea failure’ I know I could be successful by the grace of almighty!

P.S. – I’m living for parents, best friends, haters and foremost dreams!



She was fond of his voice, like she could never stop talking over phone. He was having the same tendencies but wanted her to balance everything. She once when started talking, never stopped, she could just go on and on and talk about every other thing but not stop to end the call. She would not cut the call even when he was not speaking. She embraced his silence too if he went asleep on the phone call. She adored his voice and used to keep her cell charged every now and then. Like his voice was a sweet food to her ears. She could go on listening to him once he started, she would request him to sing songs for her and he did even though having a pathetic voice, just for her happiness and smile. He could not see her frown, silent and not full of Life. He could do anything for her, to make her happy even when she was happy; he wanted her to be happier and him to be the reason. Their togetherness was one reason the telecom companies would possibly give up as well 😉 For them being in touch was the most important part of their relationship. Communication was the base and heart sharing was like oxygen for them. One day of silence and they couldn’t feel good. Now they wish to be with each other and listen to each other physically as well and live their life beautifully. God Bless them. Amen.


I wrote that for you
He loves her as much as he did the first day he saw her at the workplace. Those glittering brown eyes and beautiful curve smile on her face made him forget all the worldly associations. Every summer spent with her, every sunrise, every sunset, reminded him of every good day he ever had. When she spoke, it used to be like someone slowly plucking the string of guitar, a sad beautiful song starting to play on its own. And he loved her.  He loved her like he could never grab enough of her between his fingers. The only mistake of his life he made was to not being able to express his love. Those long waits at the bus stop for the angel to appear kind of made him mesmerized into some beautiful unsung love song with her appearance. He used to be so lost in her at times that it seemed to him  like the clock had stopped ticking but the time passed by. 
Today, he regrets the mistake of not being able to express his emotions to the person who meant the world to him, and at times still stops at the Bus Stop in a hope to get a glimpse of her.

I’ll die without your love.

There was pin drop silence in the car. Meghna was driving Anoop to the Airport for his flight. Anoop was a pilot with Air Express and was flying from Bombay to Ahmadabad. They had been together for 5 long years but now things had started to become a little shaky. Anoop was shy and soft spoken at times while Meghna was bold and at times discourteous. He loved her for every difference they had, with her around he always had something new to learn. Meanwhile, Meghna had just met a tall, handsome & equally bold Vishal. She had fallen for him & wanted to be with him knowing Anoop will propose marriage soon.

Anoop had sensed some turmoil within Meghna so at the airport he kissed her, whispered “I love you” and walked away. On the way back to the car she found a note in her pocket that said “I’ll die without your love” She felt guilty & tried calling him to set things straight. But his mobile was switched off, so she left him a voice mail hinting that their relation was all but over now. The message never reached Anoop, because Air Express Flight 113 crashed and no one survived, not even love.

The distant sounds or cries as some might profoundly call fell beautifully on his eardrums… He tried deciphering some rhythm out of it, his favorite past-time, one of the things that he always loved. Nodding his head, he felt that rick again. It was something; he had for days, weeks, months together… The reasons for it were un-fathomable though or consider that he was too cautious getting it checked. Just then, he thought of spraying some palm-full of water to freshen up a bit and so began on his course to a pond nearby…
The pond, he named it, “Majestica”, the sheer fact of its mesmerizing quality made him do that. Reaching there, keeping his cell phone aside, pulled his trouser up so that he stays dry…Finally, when he bent to have a handful of water, he was terrified, his insides were hollowed, feeling as if someone is sucking the very air out of his lungs, heart, body everything… he felt like puking… “There, he saw a long haired girl sitting on his shoulders, his best friend, Maggi, who died some months ago…”


Hey Wassup??
He never knew that she was in a long distance relationship with a guy she met on Facebook, neither did he ever ask nor did she tell but they kept on chatting with each other and finally exchanged numbers. He kept on fallingfor her with every interaction they had on Facebook and with the texting and WatsApp he started inclining towards her. One fine day he decided totell her that he likes her and is in Love with her and the same day even she wanted to tell him something which she had never told him, yes abouther long distance relationship.

And she told him but he never told her. He really loved her and always wanted her to be Happy so he didn’t tell about his feelings. Since then he haven’t replied for “Hey Wassup??” the text he received from her.


A Mistake
She kept staring at moon like she was waiting for an answer. She could hear the faint voices of her parents talking “Her life is totally destroyed. What will she do now?” it was her father. “I think we should send her somewhere else where no one knows her” said her mother in a disappointed tone. Now she clenched closely to her own body she couldn’t stop her tears anymore. “After all it’s all her mistake why did she trust that guy so much? It’s only her fault!” She could feel that obvious anger. “Yes it’s all my mistake. I’ve been raped the boy I trusted. But he only wanted pleasure. The pleasure he got from my body. And for that he seeded that trust in me and Now here I am all alone Hiding from society and he’s roaming out there freely…. Proudly! It’s only MY MISTAKE” No one was there to hear her except the moon!

Dried roses, dry hopes…

He looked at the sky, coughing out loud. No signs of rains yet, as dry as his cough. He was a frail image of his yester years; hollowed face, wrinkled skin, deathly eyes. A victim of lung cancer. She was all of 18, with long straight tresses, high cheek bones and a firm body. A woman of desire.

She sat inside the broken hut and fed her three month old baby, from her tender breast. Her face wore a prayer. Rather a plea to god to let the monsoon begin. Monsoon meant the roses would bloom, which would then be sold to treat her husband. To treat the father to her son. To treat her life.


The Distance…

She had wanted to see him for so long and finally after good 5 months she got her chance. Distance relationship had been too harsh for her, always, since the very beginning…it’s been 6 years but she was struggling through it all because she knew he was too…she loved him too much.  She had her bags packed, for they were to go for a weekend trip together. Not just that, also she really needed to talk to him about marriage, her parents had wanted to get her married, they had their own issues and she couldn’t help…while she also knew it was difficult for him, for he still was shaping his career… She had tried convincing her parents to wait and they were aware about her relationship. They were okay with waiting for few years if that’s what she wanted only at one condition, if his parents could give them a consent too and fix it unofficially at least now…it had been a long fight for her with her parents too but she was ready to do anything to be with him.
She was lost in her own thoughts… just when the phone rang. It was him. Before she could say anything he said “Its over…i can’t do this anymore, this relationship, the struggle, the distance…”…she replied begging him to see her once to which he refused saying he doesn’t want to give her any false hopes, any further and before she could say anything he had hung up.

She tried calling him, crying and begging and pleading him…convincing him to stay and fight with her, at least see her once…but he had given up, left her in the mid of the ocean. There she still is, hoping to be rescued someday…wounded and broken…for she didn’t even get the closure she deserved.

The Decision

Here she was, at the crossroads, where she knew that whichever way she chooses, she would be sealing her fate with tears. She had to make a decision. All her life she had people around her who made decisions for her. That had obviously made her an indecisive person.  And now she was all alone.
She had to decide. She had to decide not only her fate but the fate of the people who meant the world to her and yet she was all alone. It was not an easy choice. It was an impossible decision. An impossibility which she never wanted to live but will be living through now.

She had made her decision. She couldn’t really leave them. She would be there for them all her life. She will live for them.  She chose time over love.

She embraced a lifetime of lonliness…