I sat on the bench, with a slouch which any person capable of reading body languages will identify as the one of a failed person. I was filled with anger. I was frustrated. And tears were rolling down my cheeks. Why? Because I cannot scream and shout.

I wish these tears had a voice. Just like that ‘howler’ in Harry Potter movies. I wish these tears were howlers; screaming all my frustrations out as they splashed on any surface.

Thank God! thoughts are silent. Imagine the havoc if people around you could read your thoughts. But I wish tears screamed. Because, there are many like me who cannot mouth words when they are frustrated.

If tears could speak, people would not throw and break those expensive phones in frustration. Gee… how do people do that?! How can people spend a kidney’s worth on a phone and then be overcome by rage and throw it?!

What about men? Most scream and shout and go all ballistic missile at times in their rage. Would they continue to do it if tears could speak?

If tears could speak, we could so easily identify those crocodile ones. Those would actually be hilarious to listen to. Literary geniuses might need to come up with a new word to describe that kind of content. Because those would neither be tragic nor comic.

By the way, a small trivia question and answer here. Do you know why ‘crocodile tears’ phrase is called so? The phrase comes from the belief that crocodiles shed tears while consuming their victims. Scientists say that crocodiles shed tears while feeding.

Thank God again that  crocodiles can’t speak. Just imagine if crocodiles were on twitter and they get to know about this fact. INTOLERANCE OUTRAGE.

“We shed tears when we eat. Not to fake emotions.”

“I condemn comparing us to those wretched humans faking emotions.”

“This is a false allegation. Those are not crocodile tears. Those are glycerine tears.”

If tears could speak, Nirupa Roy would never have had any dialogues.

If tears could speak, Adele and Taylor Swift would be having a million songs by now.

If tears could speak, Aamir Khan would have been in serious trouble. Real feelings towards the movies he watches would be out; Bollywood outraging; nephew outraging; so much outrage all around.

If tears could speak, it would have been so easy for babies to communicate. Oh! but then the already under-rated mothers would get even more under-rated. *sigh*

But If tears could speak, many of us would have been spared of that all time frustrating question of “Why are you crying?” (Let us cry man, dont do this QnA session.)

Alas! tears can’t speak.

Well, I guess I am better off at crying silent tears. Atleast they aren’t hurting anyone.

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