Orange is the New Black
Finally I succeeded in reading a non-fiction book. The inspiration behind reading OITNB was of course the popular tv show, but my caveat there was that I had just heard about the series and nothing more than that. When I started the book I neither knew the subject of the show or had even watched its teaser nor any trailer.

My interest was sparked purely on the premise that a tv show was based on this book and trust me, until I turned the first page I didn’t even have a clue that it was a non-fiction. That is how I picked up the first non-fiction book. And I must say, it was not bad. No, not at all bad.

Orange is the New Black, is a memoir of an American PR lady, Piper Kerman, who had to spend 13 months in Federal Prison at the age of 34, just because during her post-college days she got hooked to a life of reckless decisions. The book is quick and covers a lot of aspects about life in the all-women correctional facility situated at Danbury.

I haven’t read any prison diary till date so I can’t really comment on its similarity to one. The author has given quite a detailed account of the one year she spent at prison, about her lifestyle there, about people with whom she interacted, about the effects of prison on her family, and about her relationships with her co-inmates.

I found the start of the book really interesting but somehow felt my interest slipping towards the middle. I guess it was more my feeling because I am really used to the drama of fiction and OITNB is a pure factual narrative. But somehow I held on and it was because the author has been really good with her narration. My patience really did pay off as the second half of the book is full of the stuff that I really look for in a book.

The book breaks a lot of stereotype views that society hold towards prison and prison treatment. But one may note that this memoir is based majorly on writer’s experience in a minimum security facility.

The fact that the world of prison is a totally different one than the one on the outside is very true. This world has its own rules n corruption, its own education system, employment system, a tiny economic system too. People form families and friends and each have their own way of ‘doing their time’ than to let their time do them.

The second half of the book is filled with revelations and realisations that author experiences and a keen reader will find many of these interesting and quite relatable to real world life too.

All in all, OITNB was a good non-fiction for me to start this genre and I look forward to reading more such books. One thing I do want to point out is that if you are looking for the interesting plot, storyline, drama et al that the tv series is providing you then you might feel disappointed because as I told before, the book is a complete factual narrative. But go ahead and have a read and don’t let my judgment prejudice you.

I took quite a few lessons myself from the book and enjoyed reading this book and therefore I write this with a hope that you experience the same.

2 thoughts on “Orange is the New Black

  1. Very nice, Jazzu, for a first review; it would have been even nicer if you had given a hint as to the origin of the somewhat cryptic title. And I’ll leave you with a thought here……a book review can either merely convey the writer’s opinion of a book – or it can also tempt the reader to go ahead and try it. If you really want to lure the reader in, you’ll have to give him/her something irresistible : quote a few lines; describe a section (maybe one of those “revelations” you speak of); string out the suspense, give the impression that the book has hidden qualities that the reader needs to discover. Loved the phrase “did their time, or let their time do them”. Here’s to more reviewing – cheers !

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