Its another one of those suffocating days. They want me to talk. Talk what?
I am trembling all over inside, faking a mask over my face. I am shit scared of don’t know what.

No, I guess I know. You know right now I feel that people who are in actual jails are better off than me. At least they know that they committed an actual crime. Moreover their thoughts and ways are not controlled. But here I am more jailed from inside than I am from outside.

She asked me to go and hug him. Her reason being he feel depressed and might feel better if I did so. But what about me. Why can’t they leave me alone. I am doing all they want. They took away my job. They took away my love. They took away my friends. They took me away from the place where I want to be. And yet they are not happy. What do they expect from me? What more should I do?


One thought on “What more?

  1. It is never enough when we do things for others. Hence, out of experiences I have learned, you live only for yourself, even if you are tagged “selfish”.. putting up with family and the society is really painful, sometimes!


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