The Battles of the Civils

Post lunch sessions – the time when Ms. Sleep is out there, with all her fanfare, luring you to embrace her. And you sit there smitten by her looks, waiting for one chance to reach out and hold her hands. But then the cold vibes of the devil reaches you. “Mister you are approaching enemy’s territory. Step back !”
You hear a gunshot. And a battle starts. A battle, to keep your eyes open. A battle, to concentrate on the screen that sits in front of you. And you know you cannot afford to lose this. You have to win. So what do you do?

I open MS Word and write this. Occasionally pressing alt and tab keys just to give my charade the touch of authenticity. One should always keep 7-8 work files open at any given time. And master the use of alt and tab. Believe me, this comes in very handy when anyone approaches you.

Hey there, this is my first post from my new work place. I write this at my utmost comfort as I work on MS Word all day long. Poets of the Fall playlist is playing on youtube in the background. All this because I am too bored to start scripting what I have to. Some damned fictitious Mossberg Company wants me to calculate their working capital, quick ratio and current ratio.

Ok! Did I hear any of you gasp in horror? “Oh My God she is letting out confidential details of her work!” Cut the drama there. You really have no clue what I actually do, so just chill.

Yaar… I thought Wednesdays were supposed to be the most productive day of the week. What is up with you dear Wednesday. Why are you so tiresome today. Half of the office floor is on leave. And rest of them are buried in their own laptops and systems tic-ticking away their day. I am also doing something similar.
But this particular script that I have to start is weighing me down. But eventually I will have to do it. So I guess I will stop my free flying here and get back to duty. You people also stop reading the blog and get back to your work. Don’t worry dude… the day is soon gonna come to a close. Don’t let your hopes waiver. Keep fighting!

Have a brave post lunch session.

PS: I’ll am actually risking to open blogger and posting it right now in office.

On Love

At times love happens
At times someone pushes you into it
At times someone pulls you into it
It happens
once or may be more than once
It is ok…
dont be afraid
love is not limited
we fight it cos we know its powerful
powerful enough to make us succumb to it
fight it all you want
in the end you are going down
you will give up
you will fall
in love that is.

All I Ever Wanted to be

It was a long day. Of course! it had to be. After all I only started it early. But now as I sit resting, I continue with the thoughts that had crowded me on the bus that I took back home. A brisk walk back to the past was done. Decisions of past, that had seemed all wrong that time, now seems to be falling in place. They seem to be turning right.

A dark cloud, which had loomed since long now seems to be fading away. Sun is peeping out from the clouds. Spring is blooming. Smiles come to play often on my lips. Some may say that may be I am rejoicing too soon. To them I want to say this. I really have no clue till when this bliss will stay. It may stay for long or it may fade away in a second. Yes I am very well aware of this. Knowing this momentaneous nature of happiness, if I do not live it and enjoy it now, won’t it be foolish of me? Why should I worry about a tomorrow which has not come yet and while away the joy that lies in my hands right now?”

I recently got employed. And to a great extent it is something that I love to do. It is a combination of Accounts, my favourite subject and writing, my favourite hobby. Everyday I wake up looking forward to reaching office and working. Yes people may say that it is the honeymoon phase and it is same with everybody in every job. I am aware of this fact too. I know things seem all rosy right now. May be a month or two down the line I may not have the same opinion. But my argument again is the same. Let me live this, let me enjoy this while it lasts. And probably if I make the right efforts, I may make this state of mind last long.

Living in the “now” is something life has taught me time and again. I was ignorant before. But now I realise the necessity of it. So I have decided to not waste a moment more. I will live each moment. I will thank my God for everything he has made me go through. For all the lessons life taught me, for every person who made a difference to my life. I will pride the scars that life’s battles left me with. They are my trophies. They are my prize. They will always be a reminder to me to stay humble.

Finally a much awaited phase has started. And I am happy. I don’t know what lies ahead, but whatever it will be, the good will be embraced wholeheartedly and the tough ones will be faced with all might. I have been restored my faith and confidence. And this time I am determined to not let them deter.