Do you know how it feels, when you come across something absolutely perfect?

I know how it does. It was not planned. It was an accident. I came across this something that was absolutely perfect. And when I saw them and absorbed their perfection, I went spell bound. I was speechless, tongue tied. And then… it all happened.

Like a how a roller coaster starts, slow at first. It climbs a considerable height, the accelerating tinkling sound of its gears and wheels as it climbs the height and then the roller coaster reaches the top and stops just for 3 seconds and your breath sucks in, you stop breathing, you close your eyes, you prepare yourself for the plunge. And then it happens, your gut goes hollow, your lungs are vacuumed and then you fall – the plunge.

That is how it happened with me. It was like a blizzard. A blizzard so strong that had the power to destroy every standing inch of God’s creation but instead nothing got destroyed. Instead, it just left me with an undying, inexplicable, wordless felicity. My eyes welled up and before I knew the tears were out, streaming down as if all dams that were holding them had broken.

I wanted to hold them. I wanted to touch them with my bare hands. But then how do you touch WORDS? How? That too with your hands?

You don’t because they touch you. Somewhere deep. Deep in those trenches of your mind, your heart and your soul that you never knew existed. It is a discovery for you. And they touch you so that you are suddenly at your happiest, and you are shit scared too and you cry and you laugh and then there is this whole big typhoon of feelings inside you rising like a tumult. And on the outside it is all numb.

That was what happened. I stared blankly at those perfect words. Words that may not mean anything to anyone. But words that were perfect for me. So perfect that when I tried to write them down my hands trembled and the pen rolled off my fingers.

And I just sat there staring at those words, smiling and beaming on the inside, weeping and numb on the outside, blanked out from everything around me, just staring at those absolutely perfect most extraordinary string of most ordinary words.Β 

7 thoughts on “Chancing Paragon

  1. I couldn't comment there but even 'Excuse' is so well written, a nice one, its short but so true! Aditi, I liked it! πŸ™‚ Rohit. @Rohkyv


  2. I cannot see “comment' option on any of ur posts except this one.. I read the “mature/immature” post and I must say it was amazing!! like all your posts are! πŸ™‚ keep writing!


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