To the angel and the cherub

What is the point in wearing that frown. 
Let me smile, smile, smile.
Today I cherish your place in my life, 
the two pillars of my strength,  
the two important people of my life – 
the angel and the cherub –
I dont say often, 
Never enough in words. 
The ripples you create, 
the colors you paint, 
filling my life with unbound love.
The million laughters, 
the countless hugs. 
All the spoiling, 
turning me into a kid again 
and bearing my brunt.
Just so much more 
than what you both are. 
Best friends, 
confidantes –
almost my parents – the second set.

Wishing the best-est bhabhi and bhai a togetherness of life and beyond, filled with smiles, contentment and ever growing love.

Bhai, thank you for being in my life and much more thanks to you for bringing Bhabhi to my life.

Love you both a lot.