A Combined venture by @islejazz @SliceOfMySoul and @PoeticDisguise

Submerged dreams surfacing now,
They touch and go in a flash,
A glimpse, flaring a dead hope
Rippling the waters of the heart.
A leap of joy to touch the face
Of the gleaming mirror silver glazed
Reflecting desires, or is that fate?
Leaving me to an unblinking surmise.
A feat of my own volition, or
Is it a lagging decree of divine?
A question I would happily dismember
Lest upon me bechance their pique.
Tonight is the night of rendezvous
As I sit beneath the slow whirring fan
Eyes closed in a blur of white saline
Life being unreasonable and playing tricks?        
A multitude of emotions sweeps across
As the deafening silence leads to a cold shower
And first tear drops, of despair? Of loss?
May be of confusion.
A drop of sweat trickling down my neck
In the deafness of silence
A transition of outcomes unknown
The heart blossoms, binds, bursts & waits. 
For now is the time, to breakthrough..
Yearning wings have grown apart
Took a flight just to travel the pitch of sky
I run down to you every moment ripped
My journey is undefined yet meaningful
I adore each moment of bliss between those clouds
Transfixed between desires and dilemmas
I ought to take down every possible trick
More than my existence the destination matters
For I was born to rule, to live, to help others
Let’s not measure the heights of tomorrow
Make the present look bright, future never smothers..

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