You are the Hero

You smile
you cry
and yet every time
all beauty you defy.

Hard as stone

soft as snow
you conquer as you come
you astound as you go.

You carry the power
the one gift of birth
and yet you manage
to be so humble so low.

Fragile and yet strong
you alone can be both
something beyond wonders
of a sane simple mind.

You are the work intricate,
art of the high divine
royalty of the velvet 

exquisite than old wine.

A gem often smothered
the carbon stone thrown 
yet you rise above all
you do not fall but grow.

They could not break 
they could not shake
they are just scared
and so they dominate.

The woman that you are, 
a hero, mighty yet merciful
oh! woman know that you are
a creation most wonderful.