Grumpy Chronicles

It is a perfect weather outside. It rained beautifully in this beautiful city last night and come morning its blissfully cool with kind of a sunny mix overcast. Everything around seems refreshingly green and lovely. And if nothing could beat that I woke up with a super awesome grumpy mood. Seriously ! someone should just come and punch me on the face for being like this. I mean… Whaaaaa… Sue me… really sue me for being so somber today. I waited for this weather like since ages and now when it is finally here I’m cooped up in my place whining over my mood over internet and messenger services. I didn’t even wish the birthday person properly. I am such a self centered, self-obsessed, selfish person. Mean and so super mean.

Oh! that just reminds me… I watched Mean Girls 2 today. Yeah like the entire thing on HBO. Some of you might think what a jobless person I am. But seriously I couldn’t find a better option of deviating my mind when everything around me was hell bent upon irritating me out of wits. The maid again put water in that dish washing soap dish in spite of me fervently repeating not to do it as it obviously melts the soap and the bar vanishes within a day. More irritating was when my roommate supported her. I mean seriously!! don’t you get the logic behind it?? And let me just not go to that area of all the things that gets on my nerves because of them.

Well I had no other option but to turn a blind eye to that. In fact it was more like stabbing my own eyes and not seeing it. Phew! Oh God! I deviated from the topic like totally. Yeah I was so jobless that I watched Mean Girls 2. I found it better than Mean Girls’ 1st installment. It was subtle and did not have over the top drama like the 1st one. And now I am watching “New Year’s Eve”. I really don’t get it as to why Hollywood goes on about making multi-starrers. Wasn’t “Valentine’s Day” enough of a disaster? You really had to come out with “New Year’s Eve” !!? Oh but whatever… it is still running in the background while I write this And I really liked that speech Claire (Hillary Swank) made at the Times Square. 

I am actually thinking of going out and cutting myself some slack. Mebbe have lunch, something oily, junk and totally fatty. Or just go out and get my hair chopped. Probably take that camera along which is buried under all my clothes in some corner of my wardrobe and mebbe… yes hold your breath… and mebbe SHOP !! Now the thing is… hard as it may sound… none of the above things really help me calm my nerves. Yeah… shopping doesn’t help. And hey would that old man look at me with weird expression when I try to click him?? I mean how y’all photogs click pictures of completely random strange people in completely normal expressions without being questioned. 

Anyways… I have to wind up this grumpy chronicles. Yeah it may seem a bit abrupt, but then nothing today is nearly going on smooth with me today. So let me just end it here and not make y’all a party to it. I know many would be disappointed at the sudden shift in style of my writing from matured sensibilities to absolute bimbo type non sense. But hey! you can excuse me and forgive me for once. Wouldn’t you ?? And if it is of any relief you can read this stuff all over again in your head in a squeaky cheeky voice imagining it being spoken by a major drama queen. Ha ha ! I think I ‘ve written enough now. I should probably get going. I have still got remnants of a day in my hand that need to be saved. Oh and yes I have myself to be rescued. 

PS: Apology the keyboard of my laptop who had to bear the brunt of my grumpiness.