auf wiedersehen

Some incomplete words
Certain unfinished thoughts
I write off what could have been
And not that what is being sought

The dreams of neverland
The desire to touch the horizon
Of what substance i find them
What purpose they tread on .

On a mere touch  they  vanish
Leaving behind their shadows
A multitude of scratches
A galaxy of sorrows.

I see them turn to ashes,
I see them cringe and grey,
Letters turn sooty black
Words being lost astray.

Opening my palms i just let go
Reins of a time existing no more.
I stand quiet and i watch it fade
That which turn my wounds to gore.

A lamp of hope somewhere
There is a flame subdued inside
Some new lines to be written
Certain new stories to recite

Now the hands are empty
Clean for the deserved bounty
That which went, left scars
More like battle field trophies

Fanning again the flame
I quietly smile and look upon
One more foreverland of desire
Another new endless horizon