What she held was her life. She was holding her world. With her eyes closed, her head rested on his shoulders and her arms around his neck, she was in that realm where the only thing that mattered was the closeness, was that hug.

The TV was on in the background and the weatherman in the news channel was going on droning in his usual robotic monotone. How she wished she could shut him up. In fact it wasn’t so tough. All she needed to do was pick up the remote control kept nearby and push the mute button. But she didn’t want to let go off that moment. She didn’t want to let go off that hug. And she let the weatherman drone, while she drifted to her tranquility.

Whenever she hugged him, she somehow felt complete. She forgot her pains and her agony she had ever felt. She felt relieved. She felt healed. The hug had become her medicine. A daily dosage which was so necessary that lack of it made her restless and anxious. She was afraid of being a clingy type but then that hug was the only sunshine of her life. That was the moment she waited for the most. To hold him… To embrace him… To listen to his heartbeat go fast when she put her ear to it… To hold him… Her world… Her life…


Hugs… I feel are the best gift, you can ever give and receive  There lies enormous power in this simple gesture. There is so much that we can convey through hugs. Love, compassion, sympathy, happiness, joy and a myriad of emotions that can be expressed through just one hug. Amazing isn’t it ? It is often said that a picture is worth a thousand words. I think a hug is worth a million words. When words fail, hugs come to our rescue.

A hug is almost like feeling the existence of a soul which is so dear to you. It gives so much of warmth that it can be felt even through distances… Yes… Believe me you can. Just type the word *hugs* and send it to someone and I can bet the person on the other end will definitely  experience a moment of bliss and smile even if it may not last long.

Hugs really are magical. When scared, unsure, tensed they provide us with an assurance, a relief, a calmness and soothe which is unbeatable. I hug my mom whenever I feel scared and I don’t know from where I automatically get the power and strength to face the most difficult and toughest of challenges. I remember I hugged my best friend and cried to my heart when I was at life’s all time low. It did wonders. Imagine hugging your mom, so much of love, so much care. Imagine hugging your dad, for girls its like a safe cocoon and for guys it is filled with that pride and confidence that he has on you. Imagine hugging your best friend after ages, its like coming home, you almost relive all the beautiful memories in matter of few seconds. And then there is the hug which you receive from that special one. Well… Just imagine it… And the feelings are yours and yours alone to be relished. I leave you at that. And when no one is around… just hug your pillow. 

I am sure… even though mentally… but living these moments would have made you smile. Hugs and smiles and happy tears are the best combination. Whenever all three happen simultaneously, be sure you are living one of the best moments of your life. Now that you know it, next time it happens be sure to live it to the hilt. Hug as if its your last moment and just experience the burst of happiness inside you and just feel it…
PS: Put your right hand on your left shoulder, put your left hand on your right shoulder… here you just received a hug from me. So next time you feel low please do so.

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13 thoughts on “Hugs – Jaadu ki Jhappi

  1. Once again a brilliant masterpiece from the magician herself… A Left Arm Crossed the Right Shoulder and Right arm crossed the left shoulder for you 🙂

    May Allah keep you Blessed!!!


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