Note: There is going to be a break for Micro Fiction for 3 weeks. Please to bear with the inconvenience. However you can send in your contribution to and it will be duly published when I am back from the break. Thanks for your patience and time.

The Interval

Sometimes beautiful things come into our lives out of nowhere. We can’t always understand them, but we have to trust in them. He used to feel like nobody when alone or in crowd, but with her around he had an identity of being somebody meaningful. Her laughter was the only question he wanted to be an answer for. And, his dream was one day he will have a world where she will wake up beside him every day. She will honor him like her King and he will equally honor her like her Queen.

With the concept of “the more two people meet together the more familiar they become”, he started to encourage his moves towards her to show his appreciations towards her and how she meant a world to her. The best day of his life was the one on which he decided to propose. It was an amazing journey he was experiencing it seems. This is the day his life really started to begin. 

He was all set, white shirt nicely tucked in gray trousers the colors she loved, boots well polished for the first time in many months as long as he could remember. A wide grin, expressing his happiness all around, the birds were chirping beautiful hymn, butterflies of all warmth passing by. The stage was perfectly set. He approached her and greeted with a wide smile, she was extremely overjoyed with a first look at him. And, he started his move to say… “I need to talk to you, it’s something important…” halfway through his statement the phone rang. She had to abruptly stop him to pick an important call, she set aside a few distance from him  making him restless as each second was like a year passed by. Her finishing word on the phone call was “Yes, Yes, yes.” was all he heard from that distance. She seemed happy and came running towards him and hugged him. He replied “What happened why you seem to be so happy…” She replied to him “He proposed me… and I said Yes to him, and you are the first one to know…” 

Even today, when someone abruptly walks away from his conversation for few seconds, he doesn’t know what it is called, the spaces between seconds – but he think of her always in those intervals.


She Walked to Conquer

“She walked for herself from others. The path till now was trecherous. The option was there earlier to choose, but she didn’t. The independence of chasing the dream alone was something she wanted to do. She new the time has come.

Freedom had a breath of fresh air. She was tired of being accepted on the basis of others presumptions. She knew she had to walk that extra mile, for this might be the last chance she has.

She was always looked down upon like a thrash. She never complained because she wanted to be accepted. She preferred to be hated for the right reason than to be appreciated for the wrong reason.”


No Promises

He entered the class. She looked up and at that very instant she felt some long lost bond.
She ignored as a mere thought. After an year when they became best friends she remembered the intution she got. 

She sensed something more than friendship. She kept it hidden knowing it would lead nowhere. She couldn’t give him a life long love. She didn’t want to be responsible for a broken heart. 

A night came. He said was their friendship a bit more? She couldn’t control and confessed but said No promises.

He accepted love for her with No promises. They were in a different world. Excited. Happy.Elated. Belonged. 

They were their for each other in their worst times helping the other through it. Their Love saw no boundaries.

An year passed by like seconds..

The time had come. She had to bid goodbye. She had a decision to make. Love or parents?! She chose the one who gave her Life but leaving her life behind. Sad she was. Lost she was.

She was breaking a heart. Making someone fall apart. He respected her choice and reminded her, No promises was what she first had said. She had given him no false hope. She had showed him what was true love. 

Now all their happiness was the other one’s Smile. They hugged and parted with a Smile. 
Promising for the first time the other to stay Happy.Time passed by.. Memories flashed by.. Some pain came by.. No promises was what they remebered.. 

The only promise was a Promise to Smile 🙂


His Patience

He was shattered. His girlfriend gave up on him. His parents weren’t satisfied with his performance. His friends just left him from everywhere. He was just alone surviving on Faith that one day everyone might just realize that he had his own reasons. He didn’t try and prove because it was impossible to prove to everyone. He just went with the flow of Life and his Hope never left him and nor did he lose hope.

Today he has a million friends. His parents are proud to have him as their son. His girlfriend came back to apologize to him. He is calm and he accepted everybody back because he was unique. He wasn’t the same as everybody was. Today he knew the value of being needed. When he needed nobody was there so he realized that how it feels and today he thinks of everyone that though they are selfish and need him so they are with him, he has his responsibilities to be with them. He just has to reply to the Supreme who was always there with him, is and will always remain. Peace.


And then there is hope …..

 She was surrounded by criticisms … By people who only shrugged her …
 By people who never respected her .. By people who never saw her worth …
 By people who never loved her…
 By people who made her miserable …

 Yes she started believing she was mad .. Ugly … Worthless !

 She saw the light of wisdom…
 She learnt that there is hope …
 She loved herself …
 She hugged herself …
 She patted her back ..

 Love flowed …
 Friends noticed her worth …
 They noticed her beauty within …
 They noticed her SELF..

 She filled with all in gratitude …
 She became all forgiving …
 She turned all compassionate ..
 She understood all the love …
 She transformed into a beauty ..!

 And then the world was hers
 As much as she was of the world



He waited for her to be there. Rains had made it sure that he was drenched to the core. The tree branches were the only shade to his rescue. By the road, he could see a girl wearing a T-shirt that bore her initial letter. A retail shop besides had her name too. On a tree, he could find a bill pasted that read, ‘blah blah blah, contact: ‘her name’’. He believed the signs were to prop him for the thing he wished to commit for days. Considering all these as cues, he thought of telling her the obvious today.

She arrived late, as usual. Nah, she hardly wore make up, it was her forte to not be on time and spread sunshine. She was his love for life. The moment she was there, a wide smile greeted him asking, ‘What’s with your hair? Your choice is so weird.’ He knew, this was it, so he held her hand, took deep breathes and exclaimed, ‘You, are my Choice.’ She paused for seconds and then laughed her heart out, giving a mild jerk to the hand, she replied, ‘Enough Buddy, we are getting late for the tuitions, we shall resume the game when we return.’ He could just smile and accompany her… Best Friends, they were. Oopps, are. 



उसकी आँखें कुछ कहती थी, पर क्या ये वो आज तक समझ नही पाया था. साहिल किनारे बैठ के समंदर की लहरों की हवा जो सुकून पहुँचाती थी कुछ वैसा ही सुकून उसकी हाँसी की खनखनाहट में था.  उसकी हर एक हरकत उसके दिल में उतरी हुई थी. उसकी हल्की सी आहट उसके दिल की धड़कने बढ़ा जाती थी. कुछ ऐसा ही असर था उसका. वो अल्हड़ सी थी. दुनिया से बेफ़िक्र वो एक मचलती, शोर मचाती नदी की तरह बहे जा रही थी. उससे तो ये तक खबर ना थी की वो उसके इस बहाव में किस तरह डूब चुका था और उसी के साथ बहा जारहा था. एक नशा सा था इस बहाव में जिसमे डूब कर वो अपने आप को जन्नत के करीब महसूस करता था. उसका साथ उसके लए जन्नत से कम नही था. इस साथ को वो क्या नाम दे ये अब तक उसे समझ नही आया था, क्योंकि उसकी आँखें क्या कहती थी ये वो आज तक समझ नही पाया था.


2 thoughts on “Micro Fiction VII

  1. Lovely masterpieces. The contributors plus the readers will surely miss Micro Fiction for 3 weeks. But then, it's fine. Hold on to your epic stories pals, when the time is right, they shall sizzle here , as always. 🙂 Cheers ! 🙂


  2. Do you remember, when you were young, and you thought you can do anything, you still can! Because what we consider difficult is easy to overcome, want proof… Just look at the folks who are contributing in the MicroFiction… they are individuals, newbie's, ready to take the challenge, may be they came with little background except for a single contribution to be part of Aditi's vision.

    Aditi is a dreamer for a good inspiring activity to be engaged with her co-colleagues and friends. Right now you think it's hard to get started, you are afraid, scared, feared. TAKE YOUR FIRST STEP. Imagine possibilities for success and push yourself to be part of such a nice online presence of your beautiful and inspiring thoughts that can INSPIRE people in some or the other way. Just use your imagination to write down. Let's collectively learn how to put things on paper and build a greatest collection of MicroFiction we can gift to Aditi.

    Thanks for your support and contribution… Keep it flowing…


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