Lying under the skies…

Can I count you?

You seem so far,
but you still listen.

The conversations of us
are mere silences,
those that speak
beyond words.

We say nothing
and yet you smile,
as if you just know
what beats with this heart.

You’re my partner
of the void and slumber
but I still cant
count your number.

I extend my hand
to touch you
and still cant reach.

My million friends
we are disconnected
but yet connected
as you soothe me.

The window we shared
is no more there
but what we now have
is this vastness.

The seamless…
The never ending

And you cover it
like tiny fireflies.

Constellations of you
remain awake with me
reminding me
of those eyes
that carried
a brilliance par yours.

The face that I search
amidst you
which smiles back
and completes me.

And then you change
as life changes
and the face isnt there
but you remain.

Can I count on you?