Back to You…

It wasn’t the right time to be in those streets. Yet he was there, limping back to his home. The wound in his leg was still fresh. He knew the doctor was scared as hell when he had discovered the cause of injury. The bullet was cleanly lodged just above his ankle. The pain had almost left him numb and the pain when the bullet was finally dislodged was blinding. Yet he had kept himself from crying. He could not afford to cry even in pain, because he knew his moist eyes would betray him.

The wound was fresh and that kept him from catching up his normal pace. He took longer than usual. Finally he reached home. He unlocked the door and quietly entered. He prayed for the door to not creak as he closed it behind him. The house was so silent that he was scared to even breathe, thinking that even the slightest of movement would shatter it.

He knew she would be asleep. She was well aware of his working conditions and he had often found her sleeping on the couch when he had returned. She was not very strong and so he had strictly instructed her not to stay up and wait for him and sleep as soon as possible. He peeped inside the room.

There she slept snuggled in her blanket. Her face half hidden in darkness and half illuminated by the light being thrown from the street lamp outside. He moved inside and went and knelt beside her, gazing at her soft features. He removed the few wisps of stray hair that had fallen on her face, tucked them behind her ear and touched her soft cheek from the back of his fingers ever so gently. She looked like an angel.

His world revolved around her. She was the reason he was alive today. She was his reason to live. He never wanted her to face the savage truth of the world where he lived, but then he knew that she knew about it. He could never hide anything from her. She had her ways of knowing it. He didn’t know how but then she could always figure out whenever he had had a rough day. She was the love of his life. She was his Life.

As he sat there looking at her he was reminded of the day he had had. Ha had been in a chase. He had got the call around 5 in the evening with respect to the cocaine delivery that was going to take place in the alleyway behind the ‘Kingston Pub’. Even though he was in a good position in the Police Department and could have had a bigger force at his dispense, he didn’t want to make his intentions all obvious and so he had not gathered a very big force to chase these goons. He very well knew that the department was itself infiltrated.
The chase had been a successful one but he had got injured while he had tried to save one of his subs. When he had been shot, his only thought was about his girl. He knew that it wasn’t anything serious and such injuries were part of his job profile, but for a moment there, when the pain had blinded him the only thing he could see was Sara’s face.

He jolted back to reality when Sara stirred in her sleep. He didn’t want to wake her up and so he quietly stood up to move, just then she caught his hand and tugged at him. He turned and saw her looking at him with sleepy eyes. He smiled at her and knelt beside her once again. She smiled a weak sleepy smile at him and said, “You’re back!”

He replied saying, “Yes honey I am.”

“How long you’ve been sitting here?” she asked.

“Oh! Maybe 5 minutes. You go back to sleep darling, I’ll answer all your questions in the morning.” saying so, he bent down and kissed her on the cheek. She smiled sweetly and closed her eyes again. He stood back up and turned. He had reached the door of the room when he heard her call him back saying, “Goodnight Dad.”

“Goodnight my sweet angel”, he replied and saw her drift back to sleep again. He sighed in relief, smiled at himself and left the room. Sara was safe. His world was safe.