Micro Fiction

Hey Friends,

Did you check out my first Micro Fiction ?

It was just an idea that struck me few days back. I was in a mood to write a short story when I caught up with this idea. This is obviously inspired by the idea of Micro Poetry and 55Word Story. So I came up with the idea of Micro Fiction.

The basic idea behind Micro Fiction is to channelize those few stray thoughts and give it a shape of a very small story. No word limit as such.

Just to encourage people to come up with their own stories, I decided to initiate this and invite people to contribute their own Micro Fiction at islejazz@gmail.com, which I will publish it on my blog. You can send in your stories by Saturday.

Its “Open-Themed” and will always be.

The Basic Rules

  • Keep it Micro 🙂 (What conforms to Micro is left on you to decide)
  • Title It Please.
  • Can be in Hindi or English
  • You can post the same on your blog. 
  • Please mention your full name, blog address (if any), twitter handle (if any).

Looking forward to your Micro Fiction. Believe me… you definitely can.

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Khwab – Micro Fiction


उसने कभी उससे कहा ही नहीं की वो उसके बारे में क्या सोचती थी. एक अलग ही दुनिया बना रखी थी उसने अपने ख्वाबों की. उस दुनिया में वो उससे बेहद प्यार करता था. पर असलियत में वो उसका था ही नही. उसकी किस्मत में सिर्फ़ ख्वाब लिखे थे और जो उसके ख्वाबों में था, वो अपने ख्वाब जी रहा था.

She Lived In Her Dreams…. He Lived His Dream !

She never conveyed what she felt for him. She lived in a different world. The world of her dreams that she had created for herself. In that world he was deeply in love with her. But in reality he didn’t belong to her. He belonged to someone else. She had fated herself to live in her dream world. And the one who lived in her dream world was living his dreams.