Micro Fiction – IV

Why I am living?

My parents scold me, my so called best friends mock at me, whenever I face any kind of failure in life, but I can’t blame them, they are not wrong and I never reply them back. Sincerely putting all my efforts to my dreams and patiently waiting for the day when I’ll be finally able to reply them back through my actions. Apart from all them I have few people who encourageme all the time.

My life was once endangered; I quit sleeping, and gave up eating etc. I thought of leaving life rather than living it because I couldn’t help being a failure whenever I looked at the mirror. At last now I love living life because now I firmly believe that ‘for being successful one should know how to bea failure’ I know I could be successful by the grace of almighty!

P.S. – I’m living for parents, best friends, haters and foremost dreams!



She was fond of his voice, like she could never stop talking over phone. He was having the same tendencies but wanted her to balance everything. She once when started talking, never stopped, she could just go on and on and talk about every other thing but not stop to end the call. She would not cut the call even when he was not speaking. She embraced his silence too if he went asleep on the phone call. She adored his voice and used to keep her cell charged every now and then. Like his voice was a sweet food to her ears. She could go on listening to him once he started, she would request him to sing songs for her and he did even though having a pathetic voice, just for her happiness and smile. He could not see her frown, silent and not full of Life. He could do anything for her, to make her happy even when she was happy; he wanted her to be happier and him to be the reason. Their togetherness was one reason the telecom companies would possibly give up as well 😉 For them being in touch was the most important part of their relationship. Communication was the base and heart sharing was like oxygen for them. One day of silence and they couldn’t feel good. Now they wish to be with each other and listen to each other physically as well and live their life beautifully. God Bless them. Amen.


I wrote that for you
He loves her as much as he did the first day he saw her at the workplace. Those glittering brown eyes and beautiful curve smile on her face made him forget all the worldly associations. Every summer spent with her, every sunrise, every sunset, reminded him of every good day he ever had. When she spoke, it used to be like someone slowly plucking the string of guitar, a sad beautiful song starting to play on its own. And he loved her.  He loved her like he could never grab enough of her between his fingers. The only mistake of his life he made was to not being able to express his love. Those long waits at the bus stop for the angel to appear kind of made him mesmerized into some beautiful unsung love song with her appearance. He used to be so lost in her at times that it seemed to him  like the clock had stopped ticking but the time passed by. 
Today, he regrets the mistake of not being able to express his emotions to the person who meant the world to him, and at times still stops at the Bus Stop in a hope to get a glimpse of her.

I’ll die without your love.

There was pin drop silence in the car. Meghna was driving Anoop to the Airport for his flight. Anoop was a pilot with Air Express and was flying from Bombay to Ahmadabad. They had been together for 5 long years but now things had started to become a little shaky. Anoop was shy and soft spoken at times while Meghna was bold and at times discourteous. He loved her for every difference they had, with her around he always had something new to learn. Meanwhile, Meghna had just met a tall, handsome & equally bold Vishal. She had fallen for him & wanted to be with him knowing Anoop will propose marriage soon.

Anoop had sensed some turmoil within Meghna so at the airport he kissed her, whispered “I love you” and walked away. On the way back to the car she found a note in her pocket that said “I’ll die without your love” She felt guilty & tried calling him to set things straight. But his mobile was switched off, so she left him a voice mail hinting that their relation was all but over now. The message never reached Anoop, because Air Express Flight 113 crashed and no one survived, not even love.

The distant sounds or cries as some might profoundly call fell beautifully on his eardrums… He tried deciphering some rhythm out of it, his favorite past-time, one of the things that he always loved. Nodding his head, he felt that rick again. It was something; he had for days, weeks, months together… The reasons for it were un-fathomable though or consider that he was too cautious getting it checked. Just then, he thought of spraying some palm-full of water to freshen up a bit and so began on his course to a pond nearby…
The pond, he named it, “Majestica”, the sheer fact of its mesmerizing quality made him do that. Reaching there, keeping his cell phone aside, pulled his trouser up so that he stays dry…Finally, when he bent to have a handful of water, he was terrified, his insides were hollowed, feeling as if someone is sucking the very air out of his lungs, heart, body everything… he felt like puking… “There, he saw a long haired girl sitting on his shoulders, his best friend, Maggi, who died some months ago…”


Hey Wassup??
He never knew that she was in a long distance relationship with a guy she met on Facebook, neither did he ever ask nor did she tell but they kept on chatting with each other and finally exchanged numbers. He kept on fallingfor her with every interaction they had on Facebook and with the texting and WatsApp he started inclining towards her. One fine day he decided totell her that he likes her and is in Love with her and the same day even she wanted to tell him something which she had never told him, yes abouther long distance relationship.

And she told him but he never told her. He really loved her and always wanted her to be Happy so he didn’t tell about his feelings. Since then he haven’t replied for “Hey Wassup??” the text he received from her.


A Mistake
She kept staring at moon like she was waiting for an answer. She could hear the faint voices of her parents talking “Her life is totally destroyed. What will she do now?” it was her father. “I think we should send her somewhere else where no one knows her” said her mother in a disappointed tone. Now she clenched closely to her own body she couldn’t stop her tears anymore. “After all it’s all her mistake why did she trust that guy so much? It’s only her fault!” She could feel that obvious anger. “Yes it’s all my mistake. I’ve been raped the boy I trusted. But he only wanted pleasure. The pleasure he got from my body. And for that he seeded that trust in me and Now here I am all alone Hiding from society and he’s roaming out there freely…. Proudly! It’s only MY MISTAKE” No one was there to hear her except the moon!

Dried roses, dry hopes…

He looked at the sky, coughing out loud. No signs of rains yet, as dry as his cough. He was a frail image of his yester years; hollowed face, wrinkled skin, deathly eyes. A victim of lung cancer. She was all of 18, with long straight tresses, high cheek bones and a firm body. A woman of desire.

She sat inside the broken hut and fed her three month old baby, from her tender breast. Her face wore a prayer. Rather a plea to god to let the monsoon begin. Monsoon meant the roses would bloom, which would then be sold to treat her husband. To treat the father to her son. To treat her life.


The Distance…

She had wanted to see him for so long and finally after good 5 months she got her chance. Distance relationship had been too harsh for her, always, since the very beginning…it’s been 6 years but she was struggling through it all because she knew he was too…she loved him too much.  She had her bags packed, for they were to go for a weekend trip together. Not just that, also she really needed to talk to him about marriage, her parents had wanted to get her married, they had their own issues and she couldn’t help…while she also knew it was difficult for him, for he still was shaping his career… She had tried convincing her parents to wait and they were aware about her relationship. They were okay with waiting for few years if that’s what she wanted only at one condition, if his parents could give them a consent too and fix it unofficially at least now…it had been a long fight for her with her parents too but she was ready to do anything to be with him.
She was lost in her own thoughts… just when the phone rang. It was him. Before she could say anything he said “Its over…i can’t do this anymore, this relationship, the struggle, the distance…”…she replied begging him to see her once to which he refused saying he doesn’t want to give her any false hopes, any further and before she could say anything he had hung up.

She tried calling him, crying and begging and pleading him…convincing him to stay and fight with her, at least see her once…but he had given up, left her in the mid of the ocean. There she still is, hoping to be rescued someday…wounded and broken…for she didn’t even get the closure she deserved.

The Decision

Here she was, at the crossroads, where she knew that whichever way she chooses, she would be sealing her fate with tears. She had to make a decision. All her life she had people around her who made decisions for her. That had obviously made her an indecisive person.  And now she was all alone.
She had to decide. She had to decide not only her fate but the fate of the people who meant the world to her and yet she was all alone. It was not an easy choice. It was an impossible decision. An impossibility which she never wanted to live but will be living through now.

She had made her decision. She couldn’t really leave them. She would be there for them all her life. She will live for them.  She chose time over love.

She embraced a lifetime of lonliness…


Micro Fiction III

Marry Me !

They’re sitting on the beach. He’s sipping his beer while sucking on his cigarettes, continuously looking in her eyes, while she’s talking about how beaches had been connected to their lives from the very beginning. She then recalls each and every detail of the various beaches they had visited till date date and the memories of each and he, being drunk a little, was travelling in time while feeling the trance of her voice and those memories. The memories that he knew he will cherish forever. There are times when they both travel back in time, without even getting drunk, and the love is all young again. He loves her the most for this. She never lets the love die. He, being madly in love with her, holds her hand, just like he held it for the first time two years back, brings her closer. Close enough to make sure the sea-breeze and their breaths are touching each other… so close that creates an enigma around them and then he whispers in her ear; “Will you marry me….??? once again?”


The Maze

एक आस थी उसके मन में. कुछ अनकही प्यास, धड़कने तेज़. आज वो दिन था जब वो आने वाली थी. एक और आस दे जाने वाली थी. सोच लिया था उसने, इस बार माँग सजा देगा वो, एक प्यार का लम्हा लुटा देगा वो. उसने भी कुछ ठान ली थी. एक अजीब एहसास था उसके मन में भी. माँग भर चुकी थी, ज़िंदगी बदल चुकी थी. प्यार ना था पर रंग कुछ भर चुके थे. जगह ना बची थी अब कुछ उसके ज़िंदगी में. इस दीवाने को क्या थी खबर इस बारे में. वो तो सजा चुका था सपने अपनी सजनी के साथ घर बसाने के. आ पहुँची वो उसके घर उस दिन, साथ में था वो दिलबर. गले में मंगलसूत्र देख, कुछ बारिश हुई थी उस पगले के दिल में. माँग का सिंदूर देखके मची थी एक हलचल. पहचान ना सका वो उसे, कुछ अंजान सी थी उसकी कसक. वो कह कर वापिस चली गई, “महबूब तुम थे, तुम ही रहोगे मेरे ज़िंदगी के हमसफ़र.”

Blog: From the Poet’s Heart


“Please buddy, I know, only you would understand.” There, she had already used her clandestine weapon. He was a fanatic, to the core that whatever meant to see her happy, he could do it, with his eyes closed. Some called it being Friendzoned, he considered it helping in a proactive manner. It was supposed to be surreptitiously done, “So be it”, thought he. That very morning a guy named, Jason had mischievously behaved with her.  To which she was quite upset in the office. The Friend guy knew exactly what to do. So at night, when he was waiting by the bar for Jason, the D-moment happened. Jason took few wonky steps onto the road when a speeding car smashed him and left his body badly injured. The alley was quite an empty one; and he went ahead with the plan carrying the thing he had long preserved. “RIP mate”, said he, dropping a red rose on Jason’s half dead body. ..
Off with a bang she woke up, gasping heavily and searching for the jug of water, doing which she accidently made the glass frame of him and Jason’s, arms in arms, fall and eventually break into shard..Just then, her phone beeped… Which read,“Game-Over.”

May Be… My being…

All the way I kept thinking as to where am I going wrong. All I wanted was to make someone smile and in that attempt I ended making someone else angry. I wonder does anyone even cares as to when I feel bad?? Why at the end of the day I feel alienated? Why do I feel alone? Why do I feel unwanted and unwelcome?
Why do I feel like an outsider? Why am I not able to own up to this house? Why do I feel that I was better off alone? Too many questions and the possible answer to everything is may be I should just move out. No! I dont have any problem with anyone. I feel I’m the one who creates troubles for everyone. My presence in people’s lives is just ruining things for them. May be I’m just too unlucky.

When he was there in my life, I never felt so lonely even when I was alone, which was most of the times. He was there in my sub-conscious and now even though I’m with people I feel so lonely. I seemed to have messed up my life with my own hands. I’m tired of all this now. Wish there was an end to all of it. It is all so frustrating. I feel like a fool trying hard to live up to everyone’s expectations, because they clearly fail to see how much I’m struggling inside, but never fail to point at me as to how am I failing them at each point. I dunno what am I expecting from people. All I expect is a little space to let me breathe, but all they seem to be doing is pushing my head further inside the water. Fine… ! I feel its a fitting end for me… to die drowning like this. But all I want is to see people around me smile and may be, be one of the reason for their smile. Let me die seeing them smiling. Let my end bring on their smiles.

Lying under the skies…

Can I count you?

You seem so far,
but you still listen.

The conversations of us
are mere silences,
those that speak
beyond words.

We say nothing
and yet you smile,
as if you just know
what beats with this heart.

You’re my partner
of the void and slumber
but I still cant
count your number.

I extend my hand
to touch you
and still cant reach.

My million friends
we are disconnected
but yet connected
as you soothe me.

The window we shared
is no more there
but what we now have
is this vastness.

The seamless…
The never ending

And you cover it
like tiny fireflies.

Constellations of you
remain awake with me
reminding me
of those eyes
that carried
a brilliance par yours.

The face that I search
amidst you
which smiles back
and completes me.

And then you change
as life changes
and the face isnt there
but you remain.

Can I count on you?

Micro Fiction – II


She was waiting for his call, a bit numb  that night. Even the stars were dim. She was swinging between the past, present and future. He was passing through the toughest of times. She knew everything but just in words, though felt. His best friend and she were ex boyfriend girlfriend. Though both moved on, it was him who was suffering the most. The ex boyfriend started taking the help of another girl to emotionally blackmail his friend who was the current boyfriend of hers. All this was discussed on chats or possible just CALLS. She couldn’t bear it and she still din’t want to come in the picture. The blackmail was not in regards to the relation, but friendship. It was at stake, the current boyfriend din’t wanted to ruin the group they had for years, but still retain her as well who had become her Life. This is me who is writing the story, about her, who is my best friend, since 8 years.

Blog: From The Poet’s Heart


He was in two minds. He had to study. But he was distracted by the thought of the scene. The Car was wet with blood. Yes! He had lost his parents and brother in that car accident. He was very young then. He closed his eyes to remember things. “A MAN CAN DO A MAN HAS DONE”. He could remember his Father’s voice. Time was slipping out of his fist like sand but he had to win.

7 Years Later…

He was sitting in his office as an Engineer, Graduated from a reputed government college. He was busy. He closed his eyes. He needed a moment of rest. “A MAN CAN DO A MAN HAS DONE”. He opened his eyes. He was ecstatic. Yes he had proven his father right. He had swum against the tide. He started crying and shed the tears of joy. Determination is the first requisite for all Success.



“Okay son, get back to the hospital for your regular blood transfusion”. The son nodded. He had Thalassemia..  The father had this very guilt of not checking it earlier into himself buried somewhere deep, which never surfaced … After the school, son was on his favourite bed in the hospital.. There, he lied on the bed, with syringe into his veins puncturing his body further.. He slid his neck sideward to see his Dad donating some blood to him…They exchanged smiles.. Tears accompanied too..

Meanwhile, first Doctor outside that very room, “Who is that man, why is he on the saline?”

“Oh, he is Mr. Jason who has partial Alzheimer’s and believes his son has Thalassemia, the only way to get things done is to lay a flat empty bed besides him.. Poor fellow has no family..”


He saw her sleeping and snuck in the blanket from behind and embraced her. She smiled in her sleep, may be realizing that he was finally home. He saw her smiling and kissed her eyes. She turned around and snuggled closer to him burying her in his broad frame. He gently patted her head n kissed her forehead. She smiled blissfully. And at that moment the alarm rang on her side table. She turned to put it off and in her slumber knocked the frame off the table. She grunted in dismay and extended her hand to pick it up, only to get her finger slashed by the broken frame glass. She whimpered in pain and that was the moment of truth.

He wasn’t there. It was all a dream. It had been 9 years since he passed away. She looked at the broken frame lying on the floor and let it remain there. She closed her eyes wishing either for the dream to return or for her to be taken to the place where her dream resided.

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Back to You…

It wasn’t the right time to be in those streets. Yet he was there, limping back to his home. The wound in his leg was still fresh. He knew the doctor was scared as hell when he had discovered the cause of injury. The bullet was cleanly lodged just above his ankle. The pain had almost left him numb and the pain when the bullet was finally dislodged was blinding. Yet he had kept himself from crying. He could not afford to cry even in pain, because he knew his moist eyes would betray him.

The wound was fresh and that kept him from catching up his normal pace. He took longer than usual. Finally he reached home. He unlocked the door and quietly entered. He prayed for the door to not creak as he closed it behind him. The house was so silent that he was scared to even breathe, thinking that even the slightest of movement would shatter it.

He knew she would be asleep. She was well aware of his working conditions and he had often found her sleeping on the couch when he had returned. She was not very strong and so he had strictly instructed her not to stay up and wait for him and sleep as soon as possible. He peeped inside the room.

There she slept snuggled in her blanket. Her face half hidden in darkness and half illuminated by the light being thrown from the street lamp outside. He moved inside and went and knelt beside her, gazing at her soft features. He removed the few wisps of stray hair that had fallen on her face, tucked them behind her ear and touched her soft cheek from the back of his fingers ever so gently. She looked like an angel.

His world revolved around her. She was the reason he was alive today. She was his reason to live. He never wanted her to face the savage truth of the world where he lived, but then he knew that she knew about it. He could never hide anything from her. She had her ways of knowing it. He didn’t know how but then she could always figure out whenever he had had a rough day. She was the love of his life. She was his Life.

As he sat there looking at her he was reminded of the day he had had. Ha had been in a chase. He had got the call around 5 in the evening with respect to the cocaine delivery that was going to take place in the alleyway behind the ‘Kingston Pub’. Even though he was in a good position in the Police Department and could have had a bigger force at his dispense, he didn’t want to make his intentions all obvious and so he had not gathered a very big force to chase these goons. He very well knew that the department was itself infiltrated.
The chase had been a successful one but he had got injured while he had tried to save one of his subs. When he had been shot, his only thought was about his girl. He knew that it wasn’t anything serious and such injuries were part of his job profile, but for a moment there, when the pain had blinded him the only thing he could see was Sara’s face.

He jolted back to reality when Sara stirred in her sleep. He didn’t want to wake her up and so he quietly stood up to move, just then she caught his hand and tugged at him. He turned and saw her looking at him with sleepy eyes. He smiled at her and knelt beside her once again. She smiled a weak sleepy smile at him and said, “You’re back!”

He replied saying, “Yes honey I am.”

“How long you’ve been sitting here?” she asked.

“Oh! Maybe 5 minutes. You go back to sleep darling, I’ll answer all your questions in the morning.” saying so, he bent down and kissed her on the cheek. She smiled sweetly and closed her eyes again. He stood back up and turned. He had reached the door of the room when he heard her call him back saying, “Goodnight Dad.”

“Goodnight my sweet angel”, he replied and saw her drift back to sleep again. He sighed in relief, smiled at himself and left the room. Sara was safe. His world was safe.

Micro Fiction I – The Take Off

Hello Friends…

I feel immensely glad in posting this collection of Micro Fiction. I’m really thankful to all the contributories whose contribution has helped take off this initiative. Each is a great piece and impells the reader to ponder over their various hidden thoughts.


“When I was of your age, I would walk 5 kilometers to the school”, Said the mother to her 6 year kid.. All he could do was just hear and utter no word… his eyes watered…  The tears refused to get out of the socket though… The elderly figure, his mother, raised him singlehandedly… In a hut, big enough to make them play two-rolls-over-each-other game, this was his motherly love share…. She used to go clean society houses to survive..  Her husband was a drunkard and was gone away long back..she was thankful for the plight as it meant less liabilities for her… She dreamt her son to be an officer one day..

Years passed… Everything was stagnant….Except for their ages…  One fine day, when she was busy making her son’s favourite dinner, some car horns caught her attention.. This was rare…. she hurried to see what that was… there, her son, 30, in his white shirt tucked in neatly,  the black trousers was standing next to a white Ambassador car with a red light over the car roof, SALUTING to his mother and more importantly his idol and only source of inspiration.. “This is for you ,Maa”, he cried his heart out that day in her arms… 


Superordinate Word

There, they stood, holding hand in hand…Eyes locked into one another’s… Thinking of nothing… living..just for the moment… “Devil may care” attitude had helped them survive till now… It wasn’t rosy, no , not at all… They had witnessed some cruel and harsh things to be amidst the scenes like now… 

There, they stood, hand in hand….

“It is time”, they both whispered simultaneously…. Knew, this would arrive someday…. Love it was… He called at his home… she followed suit… Left the messages on their answering machines…  there was not a single moment of flicker in the voice, feared nothing though their families were against the whole fanaticism…  Kissed one another for the last time… And with a smile bid adieu…Only to complete their tasks… She wanted to serve the country, decided to join Army, pretty unusual, went on with it… He, believed that his penning skills could revolutionize the present grave situations in the society, so he went on the journalism track… Both, sacrificed themselves, their love and families , only for an ultimate majestic goal and took the road less travelled… Just like that…  


शब्दो के मोहताज़ नही थे वो दोनो पर कुछ कहना चाहते थे. ज़िंदगी ने कई पढ़ाव उन्हे दिखाए थे पर एक दूसरे के लए शायद बने थे वो दोनो. कितने समय के बाद एक समय आया था जो उनका था, कुछ कहना चाहती थी वो, कुछ सुनने को बेताब था वो. कहने की हिम्मत थी उसमे पर वो रुका हुआ था क्योंकि उसे डर था समय जो इतने समय बाद आया है वो कुछ खुशहाली लाएगा पर असमंजस मे वो कुछ था के क्या यह वही है? उस दीवानी को भी कहाँ खबर थी के दीवानो की तरह एक दिन वो दोनो यूँ बादलो तक पहुच जाएँगे, एक नया नज़ारा एक नयी आरज़ू एक नयी ज़मीन वो बनाएँगे, कह दिया उस दिलनशीं ने उसके दिल का हाल आख़िर उस पगले दीवाने को, आज दोनो पंछी है, वही दो प्यार वाले, जो कही बैठके प्यार के गाने गाते है, मुस्कुराते है, और बस फिर से
अपने रास्ते निकल जाते है.

Blog : From the poet’s heart

Black Rose

When I woke up she was awake. Her eyes met mine and she smiled. The thing that was bothering me disappeared in that instant. I smiled, our lips met and I was instantly transported into another world. The sun rays kissed her skin, the waves lapped at our feet, the trees bent over providing shade, the birds sang a symphony. The world was perfect…and I totally forgot that we were just 2 dismembered heads in a post apocalyptic world. An empty world…..and then all was quiet…..

Blog : Beauty Lies in the Eye of the Camera Holder

His Story

He got married.



वो बैठी थी उस स्याह अँधेरे में आँखें मूंदे और घुटनों में अपना सर छुपाये जो उसके आँसुओं से गीले हो चुके थे. उस कमरे में फैले अँधेरे की तरह उसके जीवन में भी अँधेरा छा चुका था, खो चुका था उसका सब कुछ उस इंसान के साथ जो उसका सब कुछ था. पर उसे अपने मन में कोई ना कोई आशा की किरण तो खोजनी ही थी क्यूंकि “ज़िन्दगी” कभी नहीं रूकती.


‘Are you sure this will make them come back?’ said the elderly man as he passed a set of nails to the young man on the stepladder trying to fix a sign on the entrance of the imposing building. ‘Don’t worry day…I am certain they will’. ‘What about copyright issues?’. ‘Dad!’, the young man said as he banged another nail into the sign, ‘they’re never going to bother with a small building in a corner of India’s smallest town’.

The elderly man sighed, ‘I have been in charge of this place for 30 years but never have I seen it this derelict.’ ‘There! It’s done!’ the young man cheered out just then. Both father and son looked at the sign that had been now fixed over the old, rusty ‘Patel’s private circulation library’ sign. ‘Dad…now they won’t be able to resist it’, said the young man, excitement radiating from his face.

There it was, the new sign, that in a perfect replica of the logo said in bold letters ‘Google Library’. 



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The Awakening


Salim knew what he had to do.. He had waited for this moment ever since he’d seen his father do it.
Many of his own kin told him it was futile. They said no one benefitted out of this. 
Some even threatened him of dire consequences.
But salim thought differently. He thought this was greater than JIHAD.
Starting his bike, he looked at his worried ammi and said “koi galat kaam nahi kar raha main. Ye bhi allah ka kaam hi hai, hum sabki kushahmati ke liye”.
He rode quickly to his destination, a government building.
He knew what he had in his hands was the more powerful than any other weapon made. What he was going to do today would decide the fate of a billion people.
He entered the building and made his way upto the 1st floor. Room no.104 it was. He flashed his ID to the official present, who looked at him with suspicion for a moment and allowed him to enter.
Inside the room he was all alone. All the equipment was already set up. All he had to do was push the button.
This was it. The moment he had waited for such long time.
He closed his eyes to gather himself for a moment…
Then opening his eyes , taking a deep breath he pressed the button….
“Beeeeep” …. Salim had cast his vote..


What should I title my rants now ???

Back on the terrace today…

Really want to cry but not able to. Kind of feeling all broken once again. Again the same feeling of not able to tell anyone what I go through. Pretended all day or rather tried to pretend all day that its all normal with me. It isn’t that easy.

I read the message. Again and again, over and over and realise that I’m no more part of that life anymore. The face is still there in my mind. Hell !

——- break ——-

I’ve cried. And this time I’ve just let the tears flow profusely without any stoppages. I dont feel any better. But now I cant cry anymore and I am just enveloped by this numbness which prevents me from crying. The sleeve of my shirt is all wet, and its cold out here.

The sky is cloudy, and though it ain’t a moonless night it still seems like one as the clouds are so thick that they’ve completely shadowed the moon. Even they seem to be complementing my state of mind, or may be they’re just mocking at me. Well ! Nothing new… I’m just so used to everyone mocking at me. Even destiny has learnt the same and keeps mocking at me. It especially enjoys when it succeeds in affecting me. I’m vulnerable and so I let her.

People will say why do I blame destiny. Why should not I? I want to blame someone too. If I also start blaming myself then what will be left of me. If I’m everyone’s scapegoat, I make destiny my scapegoat. Big Deal! I’m ranting something. And even I’m not aware as to what it is all leading up to. I wanted to rant and so I’m doing it. This is ‘MY’ place. The only thing which ‘I’ own and so I’m free to talk bloody anything over here. I’ll start anytime I want. I’ll stop anytime I want.

Micro Fiction

Hey Friends,

Did you check out my first Micro Fiction ?

It was just an idea that struck me few days back. I was in a mood to write a short story when I caught up with this idea. This is obviously inspired by the idea of Micro Poetry and 55Word Story. So I came up with the idea of Micro Fiction.

The basic idea behind Micro Fiction is to channelize those few stray thoughts and give it a shape of a very small story. No word limit as such.

Just to encourage people to come up with their own stories, I decided to initiate this and invite people to contribute their own Micro Fiction at islejazz@gmail.com, which I will publish it on my blog. You can send in your stories by Saturday.

Its “Open-Themed” and will always be.

The Basic Rules

  • Keep it Micro 🙂 (What conforms to Micro is left on you to decide)
  • Title It Please.
  • Can be in Hindi or English
  • You can post the same on your blog. 
  • Please mention your full name, blog address (if any), twitter handle (if any).

Looking forward to your Micro Fiction. Believe me… you definitely can.

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Khwab – Micro Fiction


उसने कभी उससे कहा ही नहीं की वो उसके बारे में क्या सोचती थी. एक अलग ही दुनिया बना रखी थी उसने अपने ख्वाबों की. उस दुनिया में वो उससे बेहद प्यार करता था. पर असलियत में वो उसका था ही नही. उसकी किस्मत में सिर्फ़ ख्वाब लिखे थे और जो उसके ख्वाबों में था, वो अपने ख्वाब जी रहा था.

She Lived In Her Dreams…. He Lived His Dream !

She never conveyed what she felt for him. She lived in a different world. The world of her dreams that she had created for herself. In that world he was deeply in love with her. But in reality he didn’t belong to her. He belonged to someone else. She had fated herself to live in her dream world. And the one who lived in her dream world was living his dreams.