I write…
I erase…
Thoughts overwhelm me,
words evase me…
All I think is you.

The promises of forever,
have been broken.
Cant blame you,
nor me for any reason.
Reasons fails to suffice,
logic betrays my mind.

All is torn inside
and the pain sears.
The blanket seems cold
and is damp with tears
Ghosts of the past,
now feasting on my
dead dreams.
Everything is alright,
still wrong it all seems.

7 thoughts on “The Past Haunts…

  1. Well written Aditi! But I agree with Binu. The past is for us to learn but only to move on later. The future is to remind us to dream but only dream for it. But it is the present which we must cherish and live!

    I have a lot of catching up to do on your blog!!


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