I Carry Your Heart

Disclaimer : This is a poem by the very famous E.E Cummings. My Favourite and so I chose to put it here. 

i carry your heart with me
i carry it in my heart
i am never without it
anywhere i go you go, my dear;
and whatever is done
by only me is your doing, my darling
i fear no fate
for you are my fate, my sweet
i want no world
for beautiful you are my world, my true
and it’s you are whatever a moon has always meant
and whatever a sun will always sing is you
here is the deepest secret nobody knows
here is the root of the root
and the bud of the bud
and the sky of the sky of a tree called life;
which grows higher than soul can hope or mind can hide
and this is the wonder that’s keeping the stars apart
i carry your heart
i carry it in my heart
—-E. E. Cummings

I So Wish…

I wish I could tell,
how you make my heart soar.
I wish I could feel your hands
and brace mine with yours.

I wish I could look in your eyes,
and see myself the way you do.
I wish I could hold you close
and never let you go.

I wish I could touch your lips,
and feel that smile so pure.
I wish I could feel the same
the way u feel so sure.

I wish I could etch your name,
in the lines of my fate.
I wish I could take you as mine,
and walk the life as my lifemate.

I wish I could write a love song,
and give it your sweet voice.
I wish I could revel in your embrace,
feeling the bliss and rejoice.

I wish I could sit beside you
and on your shoulders may lean,
I wish I could tell,
how much to me you mean.

The Past Haunts…

I write…
I erase…
Thoughts overwhelm me,
words evase me…
All I think is you.

The promises of forever,
have been broken.
Cant blame you,
nor me for any reason.
Reasons fails to suffice,
logic betrays my mind.

All is torn inside
and the pain sears.
The blanket seems cold
and is damp with tears
Ghosts of the past,
now feasting on my
dead dreams.
Everything is alright,
still wrong it all seems.


I’ve seen it…
Its scarlet eyes
Boring deep in the soul,
feeding on its lies.

Blood spewed
from the gashes
dark tears
smudged o’er its face.

Vengeance written,
it had, in its fate.
burning in fire
own heart’s grate.
From its frayed lips
venom dripped,
the ashes of its wounds
as it sipped.

Crouching on its limbs,
holding the hatchet of death
when it goes for its kill
nothing will save
no sheild, no sheath.