Just Plain Anger!


At times I really feel like asking this question to everybody I know. Yes I want to ask this to the ones I know, because I’m really not able to figure out who they are. Who YOU are.

Everyone is so mysterious that I really don’t know what to believe and whom to believe. And then I feel like asking myself, “Are you really this naive or are you plain dumb??” As of today I really dont understand even one soul in my life, however close or remote they may be.

What is real?
What is fake?
Who is speaking the truth?
Who is lying?

I really am not able to make up my mind with regards to these questions. And they continuously gnaw at me. If they really are what they show then why do others have some other opinion about them and if they pretend to be what they show me then I wonder how they face themselves.

Or may be they’re plane shameless and absurd.

I seriously have lost faith in everyone. I’m not able to unserstand anyone. I’m not able to gauge their nature. It is all just too much. You say something but then you do something else. And then you hover on me. Yes that is what irritates me to the core. You yourself dont know what you are then why the hell are you trying to control me or my life.

Go get a life dude!

Go first identify yourself and when you’re done doing that come back and show me your true colors. Till then I refuse to be bogged down by you. I refuse to be the way you want me to be. Why should I? Who are you to tell me how to treat others? Who are you to tell me how should I deal with my problems? Did I ask you? If you cannot share my sorrows then you certainly dont have any right to tell me how to deal with them. You’ve your set standards. It would be better if you keep them to yourself. I dont interfere in your life ever then why the hell do you do?

Are you my guardian?
No right?

PS: I wrote this around 2 months back. It was a mere mode for me to get my anger out. I’m bad at showing it in actual and so I resorted to this.
Thanks to this wonderful place… I’m in like much much much better spirits than before =)

Much love to all of you, who bear with my such rants.