Back Again ! =)


As of now these three words mean more to me than any other set of three words. I’m in back to the most beautiful place in this world. At least that’s what my heart thinks. A place where my head is in sync with my heart. Their battles have finally been put to rest. They probably have become the best of buddies now. And I’m smiling… And so r my eyes…

Its been a week I’ve been here and I did not pick up the pen yet. Mebbe I had not myself believed the fact that I’m back. But i think THIS is the moment of truth.

As I sit on the terrace listening to one of my favourite songs ‘Iktara’, looking at the stars who seemed to have woken up from their day long slumber and are now peeping from the skies. The cool breeze seems to be teasing and tickling me. Mebbe even they’re happy that I’m here again. I don’t know about others but I know that this place loves me. Our long distance relationship couldn’t possibly work out and so it pulled me right back to itself. It is now that I realise that I’m so so so much deeply in love with this place.

Whoa! Seriously dunno what to say. I feel like such a crazy girl right now. Its intoxicating… I feel high without being drunk. I feel BLISS… Yes! Bliss is what I feel. And I cant help smiling. I wonder…. is this how people feel when they are drunk??? I am just living in the moment. And this time I’ll live… Live each and every moment. My healing has started.

I can feel love resting my head on its shoulders.
I can feel dreams budding in my eyes.
I can feel Life seeping inside of me.